Justice League in Review

Justice League is DC’s biggest hit after their spectacular Wonder Woman back in June. After series of battles and origins stories of the “Justice League” characters, this movie has finally banded the heroes together. Batman (Ben Affleck) and Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) are the core of the group, and they work together to assemble the … Continue reading

Recovering Addict Speaks to Upperclassmen

Drug addiction has become a serious problem and topic for discussion, but nobody truly understands the problem as much as someone who has experienced these problems at firsthand. Western Reserve Academy had the honor to hear from John, a recovering heroine addict. This was great learning experience for the juniors and seniors, as we heard … Continue reading

Camping Freshmen, All the Wiser

For most students, Camp Wise was a nice and pleasant experience, bonding many freshmen as well as faculty members together. Annually, this event lasts two nights and three days during preseason in an environment where students do not have to feel the pressure they will have once the school year begins. After interviewing many students … Continue reading