Dr. Pethel’s Science of Teaching

You can always spot Dr. Pethel, a biology teacher at Western Reserve Academy, in the basement of Wilson Hall, enthusiastically teaching her classes — freshman Biology, Microbiology, Synthetic Biology, … you name it, and she will be on it! Her first work as a biologist, as she recalls, was working through her college undergraduate school. … Continue reading

Dr. Chaput’s “History”

A new faculty member of Western Reserve Academy’s social science department and a dorm head of Bicknell, Dr. Erik Chaput teaches United States History and CL Frederick Douglass at WRA. Born and raised in Rhode Island, he has always been fascinated with the history behind Rhode Island and America. Dr. Chaput also actively participated in … Continue reading

The Rotating Schedule Results in Resentment

The Rotating Schedule Results in Resentment Renee Oh ’22Editor Newly implemented policies can have pros and cons. Some new rules are good. Some are not, like this year’s new schedule. As this is my third year at Western Reserve Academy. I am certain that this year’s schedule is not one that I enjoy the most. … Continue reading

Women and the 2016 Election

Life has been difficult for women ever since humans evolved from apes. Considered an inferior class of the society, we were silenced and oppressed. And now, even though women have been through years and years of discrimination, nothing has really changed. America now has a president who officially attends the “March for Life” and declared … Continue reading

Mrs. Buck Begins Her Term

After a long national search for the new head of the school, Western Reserve Academy welcomed Mrs. Suzanne Walker Buck to its community. With her energetic speech given last year, many students, being impressed, have selected her and looked forward to having her in school. Students remembered Mrs. Buck vividly through her speech last year … Continue reading