Stoked About Stokes

Denis Tyler Stokes comes from North Carolina and Clemson University. He is “excited about the sense of community” and the “welcoming environment” of WRA. He enjoys Sour Patch Kids and Jennifer Aniston, his favorite candy and celebrity crush. “The mix of sour and sweet that it brings to your mouth… I can’t explain it.” A … Continue reading

Top O’ the Morning, O’Sullivan

Conor O’Sullivan originally comes from Sutton, Massachusetts, and is a new English teacher at Western Reserve Academy. After graduating from Amherst College, O’Sullivan received his masters from the University of Chicago. O’Sullivan then went on to obtain his ABD from the University of California, Los Angeles. He learned about WRA from a friend who teaches … Continue reading

Athletes React to the Election

Whether you support the President-elect or not, it is a time of change for America. Some athletes had a surprising amount to say about this, choosing to break out of the “I’m just going to focus on the game” mentality that other players have portrayed. For instance, Russell Westbrook, 2016 NBA All-Star Game MVP and … Continue reading