Hollywood Reaches ECHOs

The return from winter break marks the beginning of many things. It marks the start the final stretch of the school year, denotes the start of the second semester, and signals the return of ECHO classes. For the second year in a row, an innovative new ECHO is being offered: Hollywood Comes to Hudson, led … Continue reading

The Gatsby Homecoming: A Roaring Success

On October 21st, Western Reserve Academy hosted “The Great Gatsby Homecoming,” the first school dance of the year. The event was a chance to escape the stress and rigor of WRA, where new students were able to experience the culture of WRA for the first time and returning students got to experience once again. The … Continue reading

Ellsworth Hall Renovation: New Entrance, New Options

Western Reserve Academy’s hallowed grounds have recently witnessed the greatest renovation and transformation they have seen in recent memory. Machines cover the lawn’s wide sweep, while dirt, scaffolding and debris detract from its once radiant green. One of the many buildings that have undergone changes in the past year is Ellsworth Hall: both the site … Continue reading

The Coin: Big Brother is Watching: Boardingware’s Faults

Change is never wanted, but at times the undeniable truth is that it is needed. This, I believe that most of you humble souls could agree with. A change in policy, a system of governance, or the annoying new software update on the iPhone are all things that create annoyance at the beginning. But it … Continue reading