Mandatory Afternoon Art Boosts Creativity

Mandatory Afternoon Art Boosts Creativity Corny Cantaloupe ’21Editor After a series of meetings and consideration of faculty and student feedback, the board of trustees and Mrs. Buck have decided to make a mandatory sport for all incoming underclassmen. The painful lack of creativity in all aspects of Western Reserve Academy’s residential, academic, and athletic life … Continue reading

Lunchtime Orchestra

 Lunchtime Orchestra  Khushi Chawda ’21Editor  The lunchtime orchestra took place on October 15 to inaugurate the beautiful white tent in front of Hayden Hall, near the Loomis Observatory. Ms. Karam and her students put on a delightful midday performance that helped relieve some stress of Western Reserve Academy faculty, staff and students. Parents were also … Continue reading

Trunk or Treat Treats Students Well

 Trunk or Treat Treats Students Well  Khushi Chawda ’21Editor  This Halloween, instead of the usual mixer, the activities director Mrs. Anzaldi came up with a COVID-safe schoolwide Trunk or Treat competition where individual dorms and day student groups decorated trunks of cars using their creativity and a stipend to buy decorations. The Bucks also participated … Continue reading

Organic or GMO?

Organic or GMO?  Khushi Chawda ’21Editor Organic agriculture started in the early 20th century as a response to the environmental consequences of the agricultural revolution. It aims to increase biodiversity, nutrition levels, and sustainability by using naturally occurring pesticides and fertilizers, such as green manure. Crop rotation and intercropping are common practices that help keep … Continue reading