Jasmine’s Editorial

Jasmine Editorial Jasmine Wheeler ’20 I can still remember my first encounter with the Reserve Record vividly. No, it wasn’t the luring temptation of free pizza that drew my attention, nor was it a threat from a friend of mine to sign up for an article or else (though these are strategies I’ve since used … Continue reading

Schaeffer Says Farewell

Schaeffer Says Farewell Jasmine Wheeler ’20 Mrs. Janet Schaeffer has been helping to tutor students at Western Reserve Academy since 1972. During her time on campus, Mrs. Schaeffer has worked tirelessly to help students improve their academic skills in the Academic Center. Though she worked part-time, she was notable for taking the time to meet … Continue reading

Academy Award Nomination Highlights

The 2019-2020 film year saw some of the greatest releases of the 2010s even as the decade drew to a close. From a shockingly poignant dark comedy about a member of the Hitler Youth to a beautifully innovative interpretation of a classic novel, this year celebrated the visions of the artist like no other, and … Continue reading

War Zone

The crying of orphans// ribs punctuating with gnawing sobs// fingers clenching around what doesn’t detonate// eyes ghosting over a mother’s soft form turned perpendicular// ears reverberating the sound of that last shrieking peal// feet running, running, destination: unknown// away from here// eyes not tearing away// body forming a pillar of pained salt// crying –Jasmine Wheeler … Continue reading

Visiting Author

On October 21st, the WRA community had the opportunity to hear from exciting guest speaker Stephen Markley, author of the award-winning debut novel Ohio. The lauded writer initiated his visit with a conversation at breakfast with faculty, followed by a fascinating lecture delivered during Morning Meeting. During his talk, Markley discussed his various struggles of … Continue reading


October 4th saw the release of this year’s perhaps most anticipated DC Comics film: Joker. Before going to see the film with Mr. Borneman and my sister, I was prepared to be let down. My previous outings to give DC films a first (Man of Steel), second (Batman vs. Superman), third (Suicide Squad), and fourth … Continue reading

An Ode to the WRA

One of the locations that stands out most clearly in my mind when I think of my first time visiting Western Reserve Academy has since been lost to time. I can recall walking along brick row in my winter boots, tense with cold, as I followed my shadow into a building without looking where I … Continue reading

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood shows an exciting subversion of Quentin Tarantino’s typical film-making style. Those familiar with Tarantino know the style of his movies is flashy, artistically done and rather violent, delving into crime with philosophical themes running throughout. This is best exemplified in selections of his work such as Pulp Fiction and … Continue reading

Gallivanting in Guatemala

This summer, three Western Reserve Academy students, Ellie Frato-Sweeney ’20, Timothy Zamarro ’20, and Emerson McReynolds ’19, traveled with Julianna Lopez, chair of the Modern and Classical Languages department, to Guatemala to engage in community service, studying abroad, and exploring the nation. Flying out from Cleveland on May 28th, all three students worked in the … Continue reading

Heidelberg Science Trip

From July 22nd to August 18th, Tano Nguyen ’19, Hanley Jefferis ’19, and Tim Chen ’19 traveled to Heidelberg, Germany in order to study high-level science with other high school students from around the world. Each student had an opportunity to intensely pursue subjects in advanced science that intrigued them by the end of the … Continue reading