Jacob’s November Crossword

ACROSS 1 _ like fine wine 5 To fail to hit 9 Sky drops 11 To shove out of the way 13 Startled or concerned 16 Turn indicators 18 Units of measurement equal to 2000 pounds 19 To pencil in 21 Perennial plant with an elon-gated hard stem 22 & 23 pertaining to or resembling … Continue reading

Larger Population Causes Hectic Student Life

The staff of the dining hall wander around, leisurely cleaning tables, or joke around while preparing food. Between the ‘A’ lunch period and the ‘B’ lunch period, there is a span of about 20 minutes where very few students come through the dining hall. These split lunch periods are the result of Western Reserve Academy … Continue reading

Haunted Halloween Crossword

ACROSS 2. Male counterpart to maam 4. Hardened skin 7. Green light 9. Flour and lumber types 10. Common Catholic abbreviation 12. Plant with fronds 13. One thousandth of an inch 14. Take a ___ at it 16. Numerical info 17. Wander without purpose 19. To be, present tense 20. Number, abbreviated 22. Common greeting … Continue reading

A New Chapter for the Chapel

The Library of Congress website shows a picture of the Western Reserve Academy Chapel taken in 1934. Back then, a huge curtain hung over the front of the chapel, casting a shadow over the podium. A few years after the picture was taken, Headmaster Joel B. Hayden had a large Palladian window installed to breathe … Continue reading

 Back to School Crossword

 ACROSS  3 The stomach of a cow 6 Abhorred 7 A portion of a literary work 9 Light, abbreviated 10 Look at and understand 12 Violent public disorder 14 The seven ___ 17 Airport path 19 Lead utensil 20 Fall behind 21 Ink utensil 22 Rising ___ 23 Native American tribe from New York 25 … Continue reading

 Privacy and Veracross

 Western Reserve Academy’s new student portal is hosted on Veracross, which now allows all students to not only see other students’ home addresses and parents’ contact info, but there is also a feature to sort households by proximity to your own.  That is right. Want to show up at someone’s house unannounced? The school is … Continue reading