All Eyes on Rittenhouse Trial

Tensions across the nation skyrocketed as one of the most recent watershed moments during America’s time of tension arrived in the trial of then 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse. On August 23, 2020, protests rocked Kenosha, Wisconsin following the shooting of Jacob Blake, a black man whom police attempted to arrest on a warrant. Although Blake survived, … Continue reading

Debunking a Myth: The Importance of Myths

Perhaps the number one phrase people tell me is that I have to live in the real world. ‘Live in the real world’… that should sound exciting, but we lend it a rather dismal connotation. The real world is what you can see and touch, and this form of existence has everything to do with … Continue reading

 Should Cancel Culture Be Canceled?

 The first time I heard the term “cancel culture,” I was listening to the radio, flipping through broadcast after broadcast. Confused, I pressed pause on the scanner, straining to hear the commentator through the static as she referenced this unknown concept—yet, despite no prior exposure to the term, I felt an instant surge of recognition … Continue reading

Kent Kicks Off Fedora Fashion

Kent Kicks Off Fedora Fashion Mango Marie ’22Managing Editor You know him. You love him. And you definitely recognize the crown jewel of his signature outfit perched atop his head. Dr. Kent’s fedoras easily rank as some of the most unique and tasteful fashion choices on campus. However, recently, when a student inquired as to … Continue reading

Divine “Art” Randomly Appears on Campus

Divine “Art” Randomly Appears on Campus Mango Marie ’22Managing Editor Those involved in the arts at Western Reserve Academy would like to think of their second home as a haven for artistic expression. The musicals and dramas draw large crowds and showcase talented young students, the dance program consists of a large portion of the … Continue reading

Seniors Banned From Prom, Only Faculty Allowed to Attend

Seniors Banned From Prom, Only Faculty Allowed to Attend Mango Marie ’22Managing Editor When Western Reserve Academy’s administration first announced that this year’s prom guest list would only include members of the class of 2021, the school erupted with discontent. Juniors lamented on their missed opportunity, and lonely seniors complained about not being able to … Continue reading

Girls Tennis Tackles Tough Times

 Girls Tennis Tackles Tough Times  Isabella Folio ’22Managing Editor  This year posed a number of challenges for the girls’ tennis team. Other than the obvious coronavirus setbacks, a head coach was not chosen until the end of the season, which caused much confusion and frustration among the team (though Ms. Margaret Sizemore did join as … Continue reading

New Class: Learn to College

New Class: Learn to College Isabella Folio ’22Managing Editor The existence of the literacy program at Western Reserve Academy is certainly well known. Comprised of Learn to Make, Learn to Code and (previously) Learn to Communicate/Live Well, the literacy program welcomes a new course this year: Learn to College. This course replaces Learn to Communicate. … Continue reading

Bon Voyage, Borrmann (For a Year)

Bon Voyage, Borrmann (For a Year) Isabella Folio ’22 As Western Reserve Academy heads into a new school year this upcoming fall, the community will be saying a temporary goodbye to one of its most senior faculty members, Mrs. Christine Borrmann. Mrs. Borrmann has spent 30 years teaching French, and her love of the language … Continue reading

Farewell to Fox

Farewell to Fox Isabella Folio ’22 Ms. Elizabeth Fox, the Assistant Dean of Student Life and Weekend Activity Coordinator since 2017, chose to begin a new chapter in her life. She will be leaving for Boston. Though Ms. Fox is leaving WRA, her time on campus remains full of fond memories and she played a … Continue reading