Can Tavern Night Turn the Trend for Themed Green Keys?

You pass through the door into the dimly-lit Green Key. Bedecked with fairy lights, plants, and colorful fabrics, the hang-out transforms into a world from another century, filled with fantastical figures: a chainmail-clad knight, a pointy-eared elf, a suspicious pirate. Two figures receive improv cues from a rapt audience, and a faint, musical strumming echoes … Continue reading

Trunk-or-Treat Tournament Turns Out Great!

Everyone loves Halloween—the crazy costumes, the scary shows and, of course, the mounds of candy received simply by knocking and yelling, “Trick-or-treat!” Last year, this well-loved tradition acquired a new package, so to speak: Trunk-or-Treat. In the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Student Life Office discovered a way to bring the annual Halloween fun … Continue reading

Kent Kicks Off Fedora Fashion

Kent Kicks Off Fedora Fashion Mango Marie ’22Managing Editor You know him. You love him. And you definitely recognize the crown jewel of his signature outfit perched atop his head. Dr. Kent’s fedoras easily rank as some of the most unique and tasteful fashion choices on campus. However, recently, when a student inquired as to … Continue reading

Divine “Art” Randomly Appears on Campus

Divine “Art” Randomly Appears on Campus Mango Marie ’22Managing Editor Those involved in the arts at Western Reserve Academy would like to think of their second home as a haven for artistic expression. The musicals and dramas draw large crowds and showcase talented young students, the dance program consists of a large portion of the … Continue reading

Is an Uncrustables PB&J a Form of Ravioli?

 Is an Uncrustables PB&J a Form of Ravioli?  Isabella Folio ’22Managing Editor  When I learned that I could finally write editorials for the Reserve Record, I felt ecstatic. The ability to write whatever I wanted, no prompt, made my head spin with potential ideas. Of course, I knew then that I would use my position … Continue reading