Ilyana’s Editorial

Ilyana Editorial Ilyana Smith ’20 Being a part of the Reserve Record for the past four years has truly been an experience. I have vague memories of writers’ meetings freshman year in Old Seymour, where there was pizza (sometimes no plates, but that was fine) and pop (sometimes no cups, which was less fine). I … Continue reading

Kisthardt Kicks Off New Career

Kisthardt Kicks Off New Career Ilyana Smith ’20 Ms. Jackie Kisthardt has been working in the WRA athletics office for the past two years. In that time, she has also served as a member of the varsity field hockey coaching staff. As a former field hockey player in college, Ms. Kisthardt loves the sport, and … Continue reading

Apollo 11: Could This Be Real?

This year marks the fiftieth anniversary of men landing on the moon. If you know me, you won’t be surprised, but I think that’s a pretty big deal. This summer I had two opportunities to watch the CNN film Apollo 11, one of them in IMAX, and it was a breathtaking experience. Imagine: you are … Continue reading

Quizbowl Sets Sights on Nationals

On February 5, while some students were relaxing and enjoying their well-earned mid-winter break, the Western Reserve Academy Quizbowl team competed for victory at Kent State University against a variety of teams from the area. Charlie Kolodziej ’18, Madison Lin ’19, Jasmine Wheeler ’20, Ilyana Smith ’20, and Camille Wheeler ’21 participated in this tournament. … Continue reading

Students Struggle with Absence of Snow Days

On Friday January 5, 2018, the student body awoke to below zero temperatures. The night before, an email had been sent out informing students that school would still be held the next day, despite the weather. Another email then arrived: no Morning Meeting, and shuttles would be available to minimize treks between buildings. Anyone who … Continue reading

The Coin: Students Already Tired of Complicated New Changes

The new schedule this year could be improved a whole lot. It is confusing, inconvenient, inefficient, and untimely. Firstly, the seven day rotation is the worst and most confusing part of the whole schedule. Because of this strange aspect of the new schedule, some things, like classes, are dependent on which letter day we are … Continue reading

MLK Film Festival

On Monday, January 16, while students of other schools stayed home for Martin Luther King Jr. Day, students of Western Reserve Academy attended classes and spent study hours watching and discussing films regarding equality and civil rights. Students chose from over thirty options, ranging from sports movies like Remember the Titans and Race to those … Continue reading

Fall Dance Performance Takes Off

Lively music. Synchronized movement. Beautiful choreography. Western Reserve Academy’s 2016 fall dance performance, titled Leaving on a Jet Plane and performed in KFAC on November 11th and 12th, was an incredible performance filled with vivid colors and exciting dance moves. When questioned about the process that led to this amazing performance, director Emily Barth commented, … Continue reading