Bennett Reflects on an Undefeated Season

Coach Aaron Bennett ’09 is the famed leader of the Western Reserve Academy D-squad boys soccer team, having lead them through an undefeated season of victory, glory, memes, and almost-a-day-off-but-we-still-appreciate-the-effort. “I’ve been coaching since I got here, so…two months?” Bennett stated. As a former WRA C-squad all-star who was demoted to D-squad his sophomore year, … Continue reading

Borrmann Hosts Cider Press

Dr. Ralf Borrmann, a beloved teacher on his 23rd year at WRA, is taking over the Reserve Cider Press from the departed Mr. Peterson. Four year ago, Mr. Peterson revived the practice with the help of the Pioneer women’s association and the Dad’s Club in the hopes to get students more involved in Environmental Initiative. … Continue reading

Artist Spotlight: Harley Fisher

One of Western Reserve Academy’s most prominent artists is Harley Fisher ’19. When she was just twelve, her aunt and uncle introduced her to the animated film Howl’s Moving Castle by Hayao Miyazaki. This movie inspired her to start drawing; she loved the movie so much that she started drawing scenes from it. “Soon, I … Continue reading

Randazzo and Mylott Chosen as Senior Speakers

Exams and Prom have all come to a close for the students of Western Reserve Academy, but Senior Celebration and Commencement will truly mark the end of the year for the seniors. A student, elected by the senior student body, represents the student body at each of these two end of the year events. This … Continue reading

Pamela Daum: Moos Gallery Art Exhibit

The phrase, “a picture is worth a thousand words” rings more true with the ever-growing advancements in photographic technology. Capturing an image and immortalizing a brief second in time could never be summed up with our puny human vocabulary. Pamela Daum is a prime example of this impossibility, especially when trying to describe the softness … Continue reading

GSA Cabaret: An Opportunity to Celebrate Our Differences

If you are a musical theatre kid here at Western Reserve Academy, you will know that every year our GSA (Gay Straight Alliance) puts on a karaoke night, free for all students to participate in. This event, known as Cabaret, celebrated our diversity and love through music written by famously LGBT artists such as David … Continue reading

Need Some Tips On Preparing For Tests?

Are your study skills atrocious? Do you procrastinate until the night before the test? Do you cram five minutes before an exam and end up crying in a puddle of notecards and abandoned dreams for a successful future? Then you’ve come to the right place, you hot mess! Here’s a few tips on how to … Continue reading

Costa Ricans On Campus

Here at Western Reserve Academy, we celebrate our differences and diversity among the student body and faculty, and opportunities to learn more about cultures that are not our own flood our halls in service projects and exchange programs. This year, we proudly showcased several girls from Costa Rica, and one small boy named Fernando who … Continue reading