My Religious (Or Lack Thereof) Experience

When I was in eighth grade, I went to church every Sunday. Now, Sunday is just like every other day of the week. Before I was fourteen, I had never stepped into a church, as I had never even considered the possibility of the existence of any higher power; I was a science and facts … Continue reading

Behind the Curtain: Something Rotten

Long metal tables line the narrow hallway that lies behind the double doors left of the Knights Fine Arts Center auditorium. One holds an array of treats from chips to chocolate and tea bags to cough drops. Brown paper covers other tables with outlines for every prop’s proper place. Cast and crew shuffle past each … Continue reading

Kanye West Does Donda the Best

To put it simply, Kanye West is one of the most influential artists of this generation with albums that have completely transformed the genre of rap and, in turn, the music produced by other artists as well. The same cannot be said for Drake. At just 33 years old, Kanye released My Beautiful Dark Twisted … Continue reading

So You Think You Know SAC

Every school year, anywhere from 15 to 40 of these meetings occur (data collected since 2018) and although instances take place where SAC cases seem like common knowledge, the true events taking place within meetings are largely unknown. All persons involved hold themselves to the highest degree of non-disclosure. Due to this aspect of SAC, … Continue reading

 Supernatural Beings Inhabit Dorms and Faculty Housing

 Although the school year has just begun, two students have already noticed paranormal activity in their dorm rooms at Western Reserve Academy through suspicious light activity and odd sounds at night.  WRA’s history spans almost 200 years and throughout its existence, various accounts of supernatural experiences have been shared, an unsurprising fact due to the … Continue reading

Students Secretly Injected With Caffinated Vaccines

Students Secretly Injected With Caffinated Vaccines Banana Shah ’22Managing Editor With the recent developments of the COVID-19 vaccine, different companies have taken varying approaches to the prevention of contracting the virus. While these vaccines may differ by effectiveness or number of shots, Western Reserve Academy took its own spin by adding caffeine. Since teachers have … Continue reading

Seniors Purposefully Get COVID to Skip School

Seniors Purposefully Get COVID to Skip School Banana Shah ’22Managing Editor The COVID-19 pandemic has lasted for over a year now, and as a result, the current senior class has missed out on traditions such as the Back to School Bash and the Bicknell Bonanza. Instead of fretting over missing out, the students seized the … Continue reading

Polak Parts Ways

Polak Parts Ways Hannah Ma ’22 This year was the last year for Mrs. Melissa Polak as she, along with her family, is moving to Bluffton, South Carolina. Mrs. Polak contributed to the Western Reserve Academy community in countless ways. While most students remember her as the smiling face behind the candy bowl in the … Continue reading

Bob Ross

One of the most exciting echoes presented this fall, Painting with Bob Ross, is lead by the incredibly hilarious and talented art teacher, Mr. Mudd. He has recently joined Western Reserve Academy from Akron Ohio and is as excited as the students to be in such a relaxing, yet fulfilling class. The primary focus of … Continue reading

Artist Spotlight: Esme

The Artist Spotlight for this issue of the Reserve Record is Esme Cummins ’22. Some of her favorite mediums are drawing and photography, though she has recently started to learn to throw clay on a pottery wheel. A technique that Cummins uses when she draws is to draw in pencil without color. She states that … Continue reading