No Bad Idea Friday (Eggplant)

After the initial introduction of No Bad Idea Friday by Dr. Kent, many were shocked by the responses anonymously stuck outside of the Academic Office. These responses frightened not only faculty, but reassured the thought amongst students that there is a moral and mental health issue here at WRA. Students Who Care might need to … Continue reading

Kent’s Fedora (Eggplant)

Interviewer/Me/Ellie: So, Dr. Kent’s Fedora, or, how would you prefer me to address you? Mr. Fedora? Dr. Fedora? Kent’s Fedora? Mr. Fedora: Mr. Fedora E: Mr. Fedora, how long have you belonged to Dr. Kent? MF: Well, I’ve belonged to Dr. Kent for the last 30 years, but I’ve remained an heirloom of the Kent … Continue reading

Why Canvas Reigns Superior

Canvas is our new online syllabus for courses and ECHOs here at Western Reserve Academy. Previously used was Haiku, the beta of the systems. But why is Canvas better? What separates Canvas from Haiku? Canvas is the easy to use, organized, visually appealing version of Haiku. Not only do the facts, but students as well, … Continue reading

Speculation: What Does Pope Francis Think?

What does Pope Francis really think about the LGBT+ community? This has been a question considered by many people, Catholic and non-Catholic alike. On May 20th, Pope Francis addressed Juan Carlos Cruz, a victim of sexual assault within the church and openly gay man, about his struggles during Cruz’s trip to the Vatican. While their … Continue reading

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