Trump’s War on the LGBTQ+ Community

 Trump’s War on the LGBTQ+ Community Ellie Polyak ’21Managing Editor Trump’s hand-in-hand run with racism, bigotry, and prejudice isn’t anything hidden from the public; in particular, his conflicting message on the LGBTQ+ community. He has danced around vaguely accepting social progress and the community to saying he would “seriously consider” a Supreme Justice who would … Continue reading

Goodbye, Gieske

Goodbye, Gieske Ellie Polyak ’21 Mrs. Vanessa Gieske has been at Western Reserve Academy since 2017 as Associative Director of Admission Marketing and Relations, joined by her husband, and former Chair of the Math Department, Mr. Hardy Gieske. She and her family will be leaving at the end of this school year to open a … Continue reading

Why Canvas Reigns Superior

Canvas is our new online syllabus for courses and ECHOs here at Western Reserve Academy. Previously used was Haiku, the beta of the systems. But why is Canvas better? What separates Canvas from Haiku? Canvas is the easy to use, organized, visually appealing version of Haiku. Not only do the facts, but students as well, … Continue reading

Speculation: What Does Pope Francis Think?

What does Pope Francis really think about the LGBT+ community? This has been a question considered by many people, Catholic and non-Catholic alike. On May 20th, Pope Francis addressed Juan Carlos Cruz, a victim of sexual assault within the church and openly gay man, about his struggles during Cruz’s trip to the Vatican. While their … Continue reading