The Return of Stephen Markley

After author Stephen Markley left campus last month in a cloud of (suspicious smelling) smoke, many wondered if he would ever grace the hallowed halls of Western Reserve Academy, again. Yet, he returned just last week for another visit. This time, he shook up the campus even more. Markley started off his official visit with … Continue reading

“Lean In” Engages and Empowers

“Strong, Smart Women; Cool, Compassionate Men; Pizza; Brownies; What more could you want?” was the advertisement sent out to all students and faculty by Dr. Robinson. Thirty-five people answered the call— fourteen faculty members, twenty-two students (among them one freshman, nine sophomores, four juniors, six seniors, and two postgrads). They attended the first Lean In … Continue reading

Excellence Without Limits

Students at Western Reserve Academy will now have more opportunities than ever to showcase their talents, now to an audience outside these fair halls amid a lawn’s wide sweep. Recently, the External Opportunities for Student Distinction List was released by English Department member Samuel Douglas Ray and WRA administration. The list, which includes categories for … Continue reading

New Day Student Prefect Responsibilities

The day student prefects will no longer be helping in the library during study hours this year. They have, instead, been assigned to monitor study hall. Kali Chapas ’18 explained this will give the day prefects more of an opportunity to mentor students “the same way the boarding prefects help out the kids in their … Continue reading

The Coin: New Schedule: A Positive and Refreshing Update

It’s 9:47 on a Wednesday night. I have returned back from a musical rehearsal and realized that between classes, practice and dinner, I have not had any time to do any of my homework. Shoot. I still need to shower and finish an article for the Coin in the Reserve Record about the new schedule. … Continue reading

WRA Trump Supporters Continue to Stand by the New President

“Trump awoke the silenced voices of millions of people,” said Erik Gross ’17, “He answers to no one.” I decided to interviewed Gross and others about the controversial actions President Donald Trump has taken during the short time he has been in office, setting out to see how Trump’s supporters—those “silenced voices”—felt about his actions. … Continue reading

Steve Bannon Unfit for Top White House Position

Steven Bannon should not be anywhere near the White House. From his involvement with white nationalist groups to his endorsement by some questionable figures morally, Bannon is not someone I want representing our country. Here are the reasons why. First off, Bannon was the executive chairman of Breitbart News Network, which he himself called “the … Continue reading