The Distance Learning Experience

The Distance Learning Experience Elie Aoun ’21 The Covid-19 outbreak has had an enormous and historic impact as it has swept the globe and its effects on Western Reserve Academy have been stark. Starting in early March, the school began canceling trips abroad and implementing new health guidelines. By the time spring break rolled around, … Continue reading

Preston Proceeds Forward

Preston Proceeds Forward Elie Aoun ’21 Mr. Joel Preston has worked for the Science Department and helped with many activities in his time at Western Reserve Academy. Throughout his time as a teacher at WRA he taught chemistry, honors chemistry, and physics. Mr. Preston was often seen at study hall where he often proctored as … Continue reading

Berry Finds New Business

Berry Finds New Business Elie Aoun ’21 Mrs. Jennifer Berry joined Western Reserve Academy in 2019 as Interim Director of College Counseling. In her short time she has worked with many students as their college counselor to help them get into a diverse range of colleges and universities. Mrs. Berry loved helping students through the … Continue reading

Gieske is Gone

Gieske is Gone Elie Aoun ’21 Mr. Hardy Gieske has been teaching at Western Reserve Academy since 2017 when he joined as the Chair of the Math Department. His wife, Mrs. Vanessa Gieske, who was the Associate Director of Admission Marketing and Relations, and their two children, will be leaving this year with him. Mr. … Continue reading

Disturbing Radicalism Exposed in Bernie’s Campaign

In the last few weeks, the Bernie Sanders campaign has come under intense criticism after several paid field managers for the Sanders campaign were caught on hidden camera downplaying the systematic slaughter of dissidents in the former Soviet Union, and calling for violent change outside of America’s electoral system. The videos were released by Project … Continue reading

The Minecraft Resurgence

Earlier this year, Minecraft overtook Tetris in number of games sold, becoming the best selling video game in history with 176,000,000 copies sold worldwide. Everyone has heard of Minecraft, and almost every young person has either seen or played the game at one point. Minecraft’s hegemony in the gaming industry and the broader culture is … Continue reading

Minecon & Mario Kart Tour

The end of September marked a turning point for two massive video game franchises: Mario Kart and Minecraft. Mario Kart, Nintendo’s family-friendly racing series, released a new game in the franchise called Mario Kart Tour, the first mobile game in it. Minecraft, the blocky open-world game and the best selling game of all time, held … Continue reading

Video Games

On August 3rd and 4th, our nation was rocked by two appalling mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, that together claimed the lives of 31 innocent people. In the nationwide debate that followed, some high-ranking Republican leaders sought to lay some of the blame on video games. Lieutenant Governor of Texas Dan … Continue reading