Is She Really All That?

Recently, social media personality Addison Rae made headlines by starring in the remake of the 1999 Robert Iscove film She’s All That which featured a jock who tries to turn a “loser” into the prom queen for a bet. In this new remake, He’s All That, the genders of these roles are reversed. Addison plays … Continue reading

What Does Basic Even Mean?

When someone calls you basic it stings. It is not just a small sting either, it is that long painful one that sticks with you for a while, causing you to question whether you possess any originality. But honestly is the label, basic, even a bad one? We all follow trends whether they be from … Continue reading

 Mrs. Shaver Stuns at WRA

 Mrs. Shaver, a graduate of Vanderbilt University and Cornell Law School, started her law career with a two-year clerkship in a federal court. She then worked as a litigator at law firm Jones Day. Mrs. Shaver also spent time working as in-house counsel for a large insurance company. Before starting at Western Reserve Academy, she … Continue reading

What Courses Does WRA Truly Offer?

What Courses Does WRA Truly Offer? Eliza Huckleberry ’23Editor Western Reserve Academy recently came out with a vibrant neon green and yellow Academic Course Sampler advertising courses ranging from beginner courses such as Foundations of Text to more advanced courses like CL Economics. Once students received this course catalog they began to plan out their … Continue reading