Vespers Illuminates the Community

The Chapel goes dark as small candles slowly illuminate the central pews. To most, this phenomenon may seem obscure, but to a Western Reserve Academy community member, the candles signify the annual Vespers performance.  The arrival of the holiday season brings many valued traditions at WRA: Toys for Tots, Candy Cane Sales and most notably, … Continue reading

Exploration Into Social Sciences: Today’s History

The sun rises in 1824 Ireland, and families begin their day as normal. Irish politician William Thompson sits at his desk, drafting his paper titled, “An inquiry into the principles of the distribution of wealth most conducive to human happiness; applied to the newly proposed system of voluntary equality of wealth.” He is the first … Continue reading

Students Parade Halloween Spirit

Trailing into the Chapel, students stumbled through the aisle to their designated seats, ready for another Morning Meeting. The Palladian window embraced the Northeast Ohio morning sun, illuminating Western Reserve Academy’s spiritual heart; but, rather than general announcements which routinely conclude Morning Meeting, students witnessed a procession of a life-size Pac-Man and his accompanying ghosts … Continue reading

 Jolly for Mr. Jackson

 Raheem Jackson is joining the Student Life Office this year as the new Assistant Dean of Student Life, Senior Class Dean and Postgraduate Coordinator. Formerly, he was a part of the history and social sciences faculty at Ransom Everglades School in Miami, Florida. Mr. Jackson initially came with the intent to focus on post graduate … Continue reading

Common App and COVID-19

Common App and COVID-19 David King ’22 2020 has brought challenges to multitudes of global citizens. For minority groups and high school seniors alike, many obstacles stand in the way of the future. From the moment the Common App opened in August, the Class of 2021 knew this process would be unlike any year past. … Continue reading

Ghost Walk is a Spooky Success

Ghost Walk is a Spooky Success  David King ’22Contributing Writer  Boo!… Did I scare you? Halloween was a night like no other at Western Reserve Academy. The moon was bright and blue. The costumes were out. Candy was accounted for. However, what really took the spotlight was the Service Leader’s first-ever Ghost Walk. This innovative, … Continue reading

Change isn’t Always Scary

Green Keys. You either love them or you hate them. The mentorship program here at Reserve, meant to help new students adapt to the confusing social norms of Western Reserve Academy, has gone under some renovation. This long standing tradition, usually between Seniors and new students has introduced Juniors into the mix. So now, Juniors … Continue reading