Mr. Gilbert Fails the JWE That He Imposed on WRA

Mr. Gilbert Fails the JWE That He Imposed on WRA Eggshell Stew ’22Editor According to an anonymous source, the most important events of this century all took place during December and coincidentally it is the day of the Junior Writing Exam. This year, in honor of the JWE turning 1000 years old, the English Department … Continue reading

Service Day

The 25th of January was quite a busy day for juniors and seniors, who went on the annual service trip organized by Ms Boesch. Along with our usual choices of destination, the Akron Food Bank and Haven of Rest, there was a third, new option: a simulation of homeless living designed by the organization Habitat … Continue reading

Environmental Art

This year, Western Reserve Academy started a brand-new art course called environmental art. The new art class is offered as a half year (half credit) course to sophomores, juniors, seniors, and PGs here at WRA. In this class, students use natural materials to create their own “art” anywhere around the campus. From leaves to rocks, … Continue reading

Moos Gallery

The Moos Gallery is an art gallery located in the Knights Fine Arts Center. The Gallery is special to the Western Reserve Academy community because most of the displays are made by the students and teachers themselves. It’s always a good place to go when you want to see the artistic side of your fellow … Continue reading