Students Attend Classes Through Temps in the Negatives

On behalf of the Powers That Be…” A greeting that sent chills down the spines of many already very cold students. On January 4th, the Western Reserve Academy community received an email from Dean of Students Wendy Skinner who confirmed WRA would be holding classes the following day despite the forecasted weather. The Dean’s Office … Continue reading

The Record Moves From Paper To Pixel

The Reserve Record, the longest running-newspaper in historic Hudson, Ohio recently entered cyberspace. The editing staff felt with an increasingly digital world, the Reserve Record needed to evolve with the changing world of news. Therefore, Peter Campanelli ’18 and the Reserve Record staff created a website in order to make the news more accessible to … Continue reading

Look at my Dab: Investigating the Dance Move of 2016

While whipping, “nae nae-ing,” and twerking are dance moves performed by many, there is a dance move that became popular in 2016 and has risen much higher than any other pop culture dance move: the dab. When performing the dab, or dabbing, the dancer drops his head into the crook of his arm while raising … Continue reading