Doe Draws Career to a Close

Doe Draws Career to a Close Camille Wheeler ’21 Mr. Alan Doe began his Reserve journey many years ago. In his long time at WRA Mr. Doe has taught two-dimensional art and photography, held a position as a department chair for the Arts, has received the J. Ward and Marian Keener Prize, the Parents Chair … Continue reading

Borneman Breaks Away

Borneman Breaks Away Camille Wheeler ’21 Mr. Andrew Borneman has been teaching English and coaching Girls Tennis and Boys Tennis since 2017. He taught a diverse selection of classes ranging from junior English to CL postcolonial studies to an ECHO on hip-hop and poetry. Throughout his three years at Reserve, Mr. Borneman was known for … Continue reading

Casey Weinstein

Last week Casey Weinstein, Summit County’s representative in the Ohio House of Representatives, visited CL U.S. History students during a class period and lunch. Weinstein has the distinction of being the first Democrat to hold this seat since its beginning. His political focuses lie in issues of environmentalism and veteran’s affairs. As a veteran himself, … Continue reading

Infinite Mirrors at the Art Museum

Recently, the Cleveland Museum of Art was home to a spectacular collection called “Infinite Mirrors.” The collection’s artist, Yayoi Kusama, had been known for repetitive paintings and paperwork early in her career, but Infinite Mirrors was a breakthrough in her art. Infinite Mirrors brought the kaleidoscope effect of her paintings into a 360-degree sensory experience. … Continue reading