A Reflection on Mr. Closen’s Time

December 3rd, 2021—Brand Closen sits in Ellsworth Hall hunched over his sandwich wearing a vintage black lacrosse jacket alongside his advisees as he discusses the possibility of scheduling a hockey game against long-time rivals Hudson Explorers. Mr. Closen immediately shifts the conversation about a particular alumnus that was visiting Western Reserve Academy that day though … Continue reading

A Night in the Senior Green Key

A wave of pungent dust floats through the room as seniors trickle into the dying embers of a quiet Saturday-night Green Key. Empty soda cans decorate the dimly lit room, reminiscent of the students that once occupied the basement. The music beats on—a lifeline. It fights to keep the room alive. The glassy eyes of … Continue reading

Re-‘Pete’ History: The Pioneer Pete Situation

A familiar face appears throughout many pictures taken at Western Reserve Academy traditions: Pioneer Pete. From the Gauntlet to graduation, students have been indoctrinated with Pioneer Pete’s intense spirit. Pioneer Pete’s recent disappearance has come with a communal desire for clarification. Several days before the Hudson Labor Day Parade, Student Council requested Pioneer Pete’s appearance … Continue reading


The ELISA program gives Reserve students the opportunity to go on several different trips around the world, to places such as France, China, and Costa Rica. The goal of the program is for its students to improve in their chosen languages and broaden their worldviews. This past summer, Sebastian Fields ‘20 was one of the … Continue reading