Don’t Miss A Midsummer Night’s Dream

As the Western Reserve Academy school year comes to a close, so does the 2021-2022 performing arts season. WRA’s previous concerts, musicals, and plays have been nothing short of extraordinary, thanks to the true dedication and passion shown by the performing arts department. This upcoming weekend, the comedic A Midsummer Night’s Dream will return to … Continue reading

Waring Prize Recipient Lillian Kuri Wants Students to Care

WESTERN RESERVE ACADEMY–– In the backroom of Ellsworth Dining Hall sits a table adorned with flowers, sandwiches and chocolate beignets. Sequestered away from students, the room’s light wooden paneling isolates Ms. Kuri’s stimulating conversation with Waring Prize Committee members regarding their time at Western Reserve Academy, current professions and philanthropy. At Morning Meeting on Friday, … Continue reading

Feminine vs Feminism

Society dictates that my shoulders distract my male peers, catcalls should flatter me and when I am referred to so-and-so’s girlfriend, I should be proud. The nuances of daily life reveal that I, alongside other women, are passive creatures—dolls to be dressed up, trophies to be admired and bodies to be owned. As a teenage … Continue reading

A Tribute to a Fallen Fashion Icon

Virgil Abloh was an esteemed, groundbreaking, glass-ceiling-shattering, revolutionary individual. As a black designer, he rose to unprecedented power in the luxury industry through his work with Louis Vuitton along with his own brand: Off-White. Abloh passed away on November 28, 2021 after a two-year battle with cardiac angiosarcoma, a rare cancer of the heart. Despite … Continue reading

Arête: The Peak of Mankind

According to geologists, arête can be defined as “a sharp mountain range”. On the other hand, philosophers believe it is “excellence of any kind.” While experts in geology and philosophy study vastly different topics, they can both agree that arête distinguishes the pinnacle from the mundane. Specifically, as it pertains to presocratic philosophers, arête defined … Continue reading

Seniors Take Home the Powderpuff Trophy

On the cloudy afternoon of October 3rd, dozens of players, coaches, and spectators gathered to watch the most anticipated (and only) football game of the year. Powderpuff is the annual senior vs junior girls flag football game. As a time-honored tradition that goes back many years at Western Reserve Academy, the student body was beyond … Continue reading

New Dress Code: The Sloppier, The Better

New Dress Code: The Sloppier, The Better Granny Kiwi ’22Managing Editor In a world where virtual events allow for sweatpants during even the most important of meetings, Western Reserve Academy has decided to accommodate this new change in how students must dress. This past year, the school expanded the dress code to include jeans, which … Continue reading

Track Team Sleeps Way to Victory

Track Team Sleeps Way to Victory Granny Kiwi ’22Managing Editor Running is way overrated. The only time you will catch me running is when there’s a bear chasing me, or when I’m late to my first period class (and sometimes not even then). What boggles me, and many others I am sure, is the idea … Continue reading

Volleyball Works Towards Victory

 Volleyball Works Towards Victory  Annie Cui ’22Contributing Writer  This season was definitely not a typical one, especially for volleyball as it is one of the only fall sports that had consistent practices indoors. Practicing in an enclosed space was worrying to some players and parents; there were even talks of wearing masks during games! However, … Continue reading

Cross Country Runs the Show

 Cross Country Runs the Show  Annie Cui ’22Editor  The cross country teams had their first (and last) meet this past month. The girls team won their meet 18 – 43 against Laurel. Our talented runners who placed as varsity are Elba Heddesheimer (1st), Paige Bodnar (2nd), Ellie McGregor (3rd), Nora Namiotka (5th), Tanvi Shah (7th), … Continue reading