Crazy Rich Asians Review

When I first encountered the trailer for Crazy Rich Asians while scrolling through YouTube, I had thought, Great, another white director who was going to stereotype Asians into a whitewashed cheesy af movie. Needless to say, I did not watch the trailer and it eventually faded from my memory. Flash forward to a couple months … Continue reading

Sadie Hawkins’ Dance: One For the Ages

In early December, the entire student body of Western Reserve Academy was talking about the upcoming “Sadie’s” dance. Starting with a very entertaining video from the senior girls Elizabeth Downing, Kate Winson, Olivia Chan, Zanna Leciejewski, Caleigh Tiley, Abby Goodman and Zoe Platt (all ’17). Suraj ’20 even made a surprise appearance. Starring as the … Continue reading