Film Guys’s Furtive Goals

The Film Guys were revealed this week to have not been making videos during their time on campus as they had claimed, but instead simply filming students for their own purposes. When asked what exactly they were doing with the footage, Rob and Alesi just smirked and drove away in their golf cart. The news … Continue reading

Spider Man Split (SPOILERS!)

For the real fans who have seen Far from Home, you might recall that the movie’s plot surrounds Peter Parker (a.k.a. SPIDER-MAN) as he takes a class trip to Europe. Like any other regular teen, he deals with crushes, bullies, and a two-faced illusion-armed villain dubbed Mysterio. Still, Peter overcomes all of this, saves the … Continue reading

One School, Many Books

Last year, English Chair Mr. Todd Gilbert announced a change in the summer reading policy: students would read one book of their choosing from a list of of many genres and discuss it with the faculty member who selected it. This message was met with many different responses. Some students supported the idea, and other … Continue reading


End of summertime A new Canvas lies in wait missing our Haiku It started out innocently enough. As summer break wound to a close, I did a quick once-over of Western Reserve’s famous 8-page back-to-school schedule. Near the end of the document, something caught my eye. Perched inconspicuously between “College Counseling Kickoff” and “Convocation,” I … Continue reading

Why Canvas Reigns Superior

Canvas is our new online syllabus for courses and ECHOs here at Western Reserve Academy. Previously used was Haiku, the beta of the systems. But why is Canvas better? What separates Canvas from Haiku? Canvas is the easy to use, organized, visually appealing version of Haiku. Not only do the facts, but students as well, … Continue reading

Artist Spotlight: Esme

The Artist Spotlight for this issue of the Reserve Record is Esme Cummins ’22. Some of her favorite mediums are drawing and photography, though she has recently started to learn to throw clay on a pottery wheel. A technique that Cummins uses when she draws is to draw in pencil without color. She states that … Continue reading

Video Games

On August 3rd and 4th, our nation was rocked by two appalling mass shootings in El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, that together claimed the lives of 31 innocent people. In the nationwide debate that followed, some high-ranking Republican leaders sought to lay some of the blame on video games. Lieutenant Governor of Texas Dan … Continue reading

Florida Church Predicts Art Gallery Apocalypse

While Yellowstone geysers spew signs of the times, as a doomsday clock reveals how long the day will last, I am bathed in blue broad daylight that speaks of Oz. Do my parents even know that I’ve run away to Saturn? “Come in we’re open,” said the Ludacris Limbo and I walked through the 20/20 … Continue reading

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood shows an exciting subversion of Quentin Tarantino’s typical film-making style. Those familiar with Tarantino know the style of his movies is flashy, artistically done and rather violent, delving into crime with philosophical themes running throughout. This is best exemplified in selections of his work such as Pulp Fiction and … Continue reading

Back to School Bash Brings Bliss

The Back To School Bash is a well known weekend event that people look forward to every year! The Bash is a great way to start off the year by meeting new people. It’s a wonderful opportunity to socialize with people that you normally don’t talk to or haven’t gotten the chance to talk to … Continue reading

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