Hudson Hails Hypnotist

WESTERN RESERVE ACADEMY- The Knight Fine Art Center slowly fills with teachers and students while quiet pop music plays in the background. There is a strong air of anticipation as everyone waits for the show to begin, laughing and surrounded by friends.  On April 15th, hypnotist Brian Imbus returned to Western Reserve Academy to perform … Continue reading

“The Game”: A Report

The matchup that is regarded as “The Game” has been dominated by Ohio State in recent memory as Michigan hasn’t defeated Ohio State since 2011. This game is a huge reason why recruits commit to either one of these schools; it’s frankly the best rivalry in college football and players want to be a part … Continue reading

Giving Tuesday Gives Back

Disclaimer: “The Eggplant” is a satirical, fictional column written by the staff of the Reserve Record. November 30th marked Western Reserve Academy’s “Giving Tuesday”. On this day, the school flooded its Instagram account and all mildly affiliated accounts with posts and stories urging the community to donate. In a recent move of innovation, the WRA … Continue reading

Nightcrawler and Materialistic Society

In a society that values constant social adversity, materialistic wealth and hierarchical disputes, those who utilize surreptitious means will always rise to the top. Dan Gilroy’s 2014 thriller Nightcrawler very often and blatantly criticizes local news sources for their willingness to throw any morals out the window in return for a hit segment, no matter … Continue reading

Archival Corner: The Story of Brick Row

A lot of people are confused when hearing “Brick Row” in conversation. Where, exactly, would you define as Brick Row …? Most people think that Brick Row is one of the two walkways that line either side of the historic buildings between President’s House and Seymour Hall, but in actuality, Brick Row is the line … Continue reading

Dining Hall Feature: Nate’s Story

Nate has only been working at Western Reserve Academy’s dining hall since last March, starting out as a dishwasher before moving up. He is usually working long shifts from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m., yet the work is fulfilling for him and gives him a sense of productiveness, whether it be prepping, cooking or serving … Continue reading

Faculty Spotlight: Mr. Gerber

Ten years ago, Western Reserve Academy looked more like a traditional high school when Mr. Gerber arrived in August 2011 to teach in the history department. That was before Mr. Wang graciously donated the funds to have the state-of-the-art Wang Innovation Center built in 2016. The new technology hub was immediately used as a selling … Continue reading

Academic Spotlight: Sophia Martin

Western Reserve Academy prides itself on providing its students with opportunities to pursue their passions on a more extensive scale, one such student is Sophia Martin ’22. You may recognize her extraordinary piano performances alongside WRA’s orchestra or her iconic appearance in last year’s Lunar New Year Performance video. Moreover, you might have also heard … Continue reading

Athletic Spotlight: Nathan Phillips

As the only senior captain of the Varsity Boys Swimming team, Nathan Phillips ’22 is truly a powerful figure on the team and at Western Reserve Academy. His leadership skills as captain are essential in providing support for his teammates. Nathan also received many accolades throughout his high school career for his achievements.Swimming is an … Continue reading

Artist Spotlight: Taylor Strilesky

Taylor Strilesky ’24 awoke from her sleep, drowsily looking around the hospital room, feeling complete numbness in her left knee. While her friends were returning to Western Reserve Academy to start school orientation, Taylor had just completed surgery for her second meniscus tear. “At this point, I’ve already had two knee surgeries at 14-years-old” Taylor … Continue reading