Recruit Numbers Rise

 As Western Reserve Academy assembles for the school year and returning students continue adjusting to the new administrative direction, one cannot helpe but notice the upward trend in the number of sports recruits. WRA Head of School Suzanne Buck is often credited with the new athletic focus. While last year mainly increased numbers in boys … Continue reading

 Orientation: Hit or Miss

 450 new and returning Western Reserve Academy students piled into the MAC on Monday, August 16th for long-awaited orientation. Students eager to meet new peers and learn about new school initiatives were met with overcrowded gyms and lectures. Mrs. Skinner, Dean of Student Life, indicated in an email that their hope was for students to … Continue reading

 Not Enough Numbers for Football

 On May 6th of 2021, Western Reserve Academy’s administration “suspended” the WRA football program. At the time, the administration’s reasons were the small roster and the opponent’s resulting advantage. WRA’s football team had a small roster last year of around 22 people. For context, the average high school football team has around 40 players. Eric Valentine, … Continue reading

 Stressful Senior Year

 The students of the class of 2022 are finally the seniors at Western Reserve Academy. However, they cannot celebrate just yet; the seniors still have to balance their college applications and other responsibilities during the 2021-2022 school year. WRA is a competitive school. The majority of students need to maintain a great academic performance in … Continue reading

 Privacy and Veracross

 Western Reserve Academy’s new student portal is hosted on Veracross, which now allows all students to not only see other students’ home addresses and parents’ contact info, but there is also a feature to sort households by proximity to your own.  That is right. Want to show up at someone’s house unannounced? The school is … Continue reading

 Metcalf Center’s New Look

 With the dawn of a new school year upon Western Reserve Academy, the administration unveiled many new developments, including a modernized bookstore. Due to the dominance of other changes occurring on campus, the bookstore’s renovation went almost entirely unnoticed over the summer.  One four-year senior stated, “I had no idea they were doing anything to … Continue reading

 The World’s Water Crisis

 Water is widely known as the essence of life. The molecule itself is relatively simple, consisting of only two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom; however, its global implications are much more complex. Even primitive societies centered their civilizations around bodies of water, recognizing the importance of access. Therefore, modern society must question its regression … Continue reading

 Taliban Reestablishes Control in Afghanistan

 On April 14th, President Joe Biden announced the planned withdrawal of all US troops from Afghanistan by September 11, the 20th anniversary of the terror attack carried out by Al-Qaeda on the World Trade Center. What followed has contradicted intelligence services’ expectations across NATO nations, including those of the US and Britain as the Taliban … Continue reading

 German Residents Vote for New Leaders

 On September 26th, Germany is electing a new government. This will indirectly decide on the new chancellor of the country. Angela Merkel has been the German chancellor since November of 2005. Merkel’s party has won every 4-year election since 2005 as well, so this election is truly going to be a change for German politics and … Continue reading

 New ’Neers

 “Being a new student in the middle of my high school career scared me, not gonna lie. Everyone here at Reserve was super welcoming! It feels like I’ve been here the whole time even though it’s only been a month .” – Andrea Belen ’23  “I’m grateful to see so many new students this year … Continue reading