Senior Speech | Conal Demian ’18

As a PG, Conal has only attended Reserve for the year. In Conal’s speech, one he wrote because he thought it was required, he tells the story of he choose to come to Western Reserve, and why he chose to pursue a post-graduate year. Conal gives an amazing speech and opens up about his story … Continue reading

Senior Speech | Katie Ly ’18

Katie Ly ’18 tells a story that resonates with many Asian Americans: the struggle to fit in and accept your heritage. Living in a predominantly white area, Katie often felt ashamed of her ethnicity and family, feeling as if the odd one out. Since Katie’s mother would act unabashedly in public, not afraid of looking … Continue reading

Senior Speech | Casey Semple ’18

Casey Semple ’18 delivers a powerful senior speech about identity, referencing recently WRA’s recently performed The Laramie Project. Semple participated in the play, taking on the main role of Moisés Kaufman, along with several other roles. Each actor or actress in the production played as several different characters. In Semple’s speech, the student body of WRA … Continue reading