Standardized Testing is Unnecessary! It Should Go!

Standardized Testing is Unnecessary! It Should Go!  Katya Luchette ’22Editor  Standardized tests, such as the SAT and ACT, have long been used as benchmarks for colleges to review academic performance. But can these tests actually show the reality of how well a student can perform in the future? I believe they do not. Over the … Continue reading

Standardized Testing Should Stay! It’s Needed for College Admission.

 Standardized Testing Should Stay! It’s Needed for College Admission.  Elie Aoun ’21Editor-in-Chief Standardized testing is dreaded by most students starting the college admissions process for valid reasons: it can be stressful and time consuming. Many students also become frustrated because they are not able to earn the score they would like. The frequent test cancellations … Continue reading

The Green Key: Comfort and Entertainment

The Green Key: Comfort and Entertainment Sarah London ’22 Returning to school during the COVID-19 era means that a lot of changes had to be made to our school environment in order to keep us safe. One of those changes involves our lunch system, specifically, the locations. Last year, the whole school (teachers and students) … Continue reading

The Lux Truck Steers Our Hearts

The Lux Truck Steers Our Hearts Elie Aoun ’21Editor-in-Chief With the presence of COVID-19 demanding social distancing to reduce the spread of the virus, Western Reserve Academy had to create new locations for students to obtain lunches so that Ellsworth Dining Hall would not be filled with hundreds of students packed together every day. Several … Continue reading

The Rotating Schedule Results in Resentment

The Rotating Schedule Results in Resentment Renee Oh ’22Editor Newly implemented policies can have pros and cons. Some new rules are good. Some are not, like this year’s new schedule. As this is my third year at Western Reserve Academy. I am certain that this year’s schedule is not one that I enjoy the most. … Continue reading

Modules Make Life Much Better!

Modules Make Life Much Better! Parik Nepal ’22Editor With the new school year, many new protocols are being put in place due to the pandemic. One of these changes includes the new schedule. This schedule implements a four-semester system. In each semester there are five slots for classes and one of these slots is a … Continue reading

Seniors Rule

Do you remember the back-to-school tradition that occurs regularly during the first few months of every year? When the seniors launch water balloons out of Hobart’s windows onto unsuspecting freshman as they walk by, heads buried in campus maps and class schedules? Or how sometimes just for fun, the seniors throw the freshmen into the … Continue reading

Change isn’t Always Scary

Green Keys. You either love them or you hate them. The mentorship program here at Reserve, meant to help new students adapt to the confusing social norms of Western Reserve Academy, has gone under some renovation. This long standing tradition, usually between Seniors and new students has introduced Juniors into the mix. So now, Juniors … Continue reading


End of summertime A new Canvas lies in wait missing our Haiku It started out innocently enough. As summer break wound to a close, I did a quick once-over of Western Reserve’s famous 8-page back-to-school schedule. Near the end of the document, something caught my eye. Perched inconspicuously between “College Counseling Kickoff” and “Convocation,” I … Continue reading

Why Canvas Reigns Superior

Canvas is our new online syllabus for courses and ECHOs here at Western Reserve Academy. Previously used was Haiku, the beta of the systems. But why is Canvas better? What separates Canvas from Haiku? Canvas is the easy to use, organized, visually appealing version of Haiku. Not only do the facts, but students as well, … Continue reading