The Best Movie to Watch While Home Alone?

With the perfect combination of family-friendly action-packed scenes and feel-good holiday cheer, Home Alone never disappoints. The 1990 classic follows the lovable eight-year-old Kevin McCallister, played by Macaulay Culkin, throughout his eventful time, as the name would suggest, home alone. Kevin and his family are going to Paris for Christmas, and, as often is the … Continue reading

The Grinch Steals Best Christmas Movie

It is hard to label one singular movie as the best Christmas movie of all time, but the classic American movie How the Grinch Stole Christmas is definitely one of the top competitors for this title. I am sure we can all agree that the day before Christmas break in middle school was always a … Continue reading

Certified Lover Boy is Certified Perfection

Certified Lover Boy, Drake’s latest album, dropped earlier this year with little warning in September. The cover of the album displays a diverse selection of twelve pregnant women, a big reason for the album going viral. The album cover was incredibly successful in intriguing people and causing them to wonder about the story behind such … Continue reading

Kanye West Does Donda the Best

To put it simply, Kanye West is one of the most influential artists of this generation with albums that have completely transformed the genre of rap and, in turn, the music produced by other artists as well. The same cannot be said for Drake. At just 33 years old, Kanye released My Beautiful Dark Twisted … Continue reading

 The Semester System is Supreme

 As the new school year starts, it is important to leave the past behind—whether that be poor grades, graduated seniors or the schedule plan. Last year’s schedule was more manageable and easy, but it was only a short-term fix; the module system was inefficient and did not prepare students for the upcoming year. The COVID-19 … Continue reading

 The Quarter System is the Quintessential Schedule

 The quarter system has proven to be the best scheduling at Western Reserve Academy. Under the quarter system, students could manage an easier workload, had more flexibility with electives and experienced more frequent breaks from difficult classes. This year, because students have to manage eight classes at one time instead of four, it has become … Continue reading

Standardized Testing is Unnecessary! It Should Go!

Standardized Testing is Unnecessary! It Should Go!  Katya Luchette ’22Editor  Standardized tests, such as the SAT and ACT, have long been used as benchmarks for colleges to review academic performance. But can these tests actually show the reality of how well a student can perform in the future? I believe they do not. Over the … Continue reading

Standardized Testing Should Stay! It’s Needed for College Admission.

 Standardized Testing Should Stay! It’s Needed for College Admission.  Elie Aoun ’21Editor-in-Chief Standardized testing is dreaded by most students starting the college admissions process for valid reasons: it can be stressful and time consuming. Many students also become frustrated because they are not able to earn the score they would like. The frequent test cancellations … Continue reading

The Green Key: Comfort and Entertainment

The Green Key: Comfort and Entertainment Sarah London ’22 Returning to school during the COVID-19 era means that a lot of changes had to be made to our school environment in order to keep us safe. One of those changes involves our lunch system, specifically, the locations. Last year, the whole school (teachers and students) … Continue reading

The Lux Truck Steers Our Hearts

The Lux Truck Steers Our Hearts Elie Aoun ’21Editor-in-Chief With the presence of COVID-19 demanding social distancing to reduce the spread of the virus, Western Reserve Academy had to create new locations for students to obtain lunches so that Ellsworth Dining Hall would not be filled with hundreds of students packed together every day. Several … Continue reading