Kyrie Irving Moves to Boston: Did the Cavs Win the Trade?

The biggest blockbuster trade in recent memory went down on August 30, 2017. Involving two of the best point guards in the NBA, one of the premier perimeter defenders, and a highly-valued draft pick, the trade was simply “loaded.” It marked the end of an era in both Cleveland, Ohio, and Boston, Massachusetts. In Boston, … Continue reading

Hockey Puts in Time Over Break

While most of the WRA community was suffering from a food hangover the day after Thanksgiving, the Western Reserve Academy hockey team spent their precious last days before classes facing off against rival teams in the annual HoneyPot tournament. On Friday, November 24th, the team faced off against the Fremont Club. While WRA lost 7-1 … Continue reading

Athlete Spotlight: Jade DuVal

Jade DuVal, Senior Captain of the Girls Basketball team, was only in 3rd grade when she started playing basketball. “My dad made try another sport since I was only playing soccer at the time,” Jade explains. Following her elementary school experience, she moved on to middle school basketball. After playing her 8th and 9th grade … Continue reading

Marquee Free Agent Signing Set Scene for NBA Season

The NBA offseason is usually filled with drama. However, none have ever been as eventful or exciting as the 2017 offseason. With six marquee superstars relocating and a total of eight current all-stars moving to new teams, the drama and trades kept NBA fanatics on edge. After losing in five games to the Golden State … Continue reading

Bennett Reflects on an Undefeated Season

Coach Aaron Bennett ’09 is the famed leader of the Western Reserve Academy D-squad boys soccer team, having lead them through an undefeated season of victory, glory, memes, and almost-a-day-off-but-we-still-appreciate-the-effort. “I’ve been coaching since I got here, so…two months?” Bennett stated. As a former WRA C-squad all-star who was demoted to D-squad his sophomore year, … Continue reading

Stars Headline MLB Postseason

The MLB postseason is one of heartbreak and triumph. The postseason tests a player. They can fall and crash, or they can thrive and make a difference. This year’s playoffs will be no different as it is filled with plenty of headlines. Most eyes this postseason will be on the Chicago Cubs, who attempt to … Continue reading

Athlete Spotlight: Kevin Escott

Kevin Escott ’18 is a senior, Morgan Leader, Wood-house Prefect and most importantly in terms of athletics, the golf team’s captain. Escott got into golf at a young age but only got into it competitively during his years at Western Reserve Academy. Escott said, “When I was younger, I don’t think I enjoyed it as … Continue reading

Athlete Spotlight: Dan Hill

For many kids, it takes a parent to get them to start playing a sport. The opposite happened with Dan Hill ’17. His self-appreciation for the game keeps him motivated and allows him to be great. Although his name is known by many around campus, Hill’s childhood is a story that is yet to be … Continue reading

Athlete Spotlight: Megan Tam

Megan Tam’s ’17 athletic career started out like any other. Like the majority, she had the chance to try out a variety of sports. However, there was something to swimming that was unlike any other sport she had experience with. “I enjoy the feeling when I’m immersed in the water. It feels like I’m in … Continue reading

Bad News Browns

Another NFL season, another year the Cleveland Browns remove themselves from playoff contention before November. Through the first seven games of the season, the Browns are the only winless team remaining in the NFL. To begin with the positive though, Cleveland’s offense has not been all that bad. The offensive line took a hit due … Continue reading

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