Beyond COP26

COP26 was the 26th annual summit of the United Nations climate change conference. It recently took place in Glasgow, Scotland from October 31 to November 12. Nearly 200 nations, world leaders, activists, citizens, organizations, businesses and more gathered to create solutions to tackle climate change. The goals were to figure out how to cut major … Continue reading

Women in Music Deserve anApology

Since the beginning of time, women have received criticism for expressing themselves in public, and the music industry is no exception. In fact, the best modern examples of the mistreatment of women in music by the media are Taylor Swift and Olivia Rodrigo, who dominated the charts in 2021. With Olivia Rodrigo’s release of her … Continue reading

Democrats Will Face Tough Times in 2022

On November 2, 2021, shockwaves were sent through the political world. In a major upset, Republican gubernatorial candidate Glenn Youngkin cinched the governorship in Virginia. Running on a platform of easing COVID-19 restrictions, giving parents more control over their children’s education and shrinking the size of the state government, Youngkin managed to win a state … Continue reading

Global Warming Should Be Top Priority

On Saturday, November 13th, world leaders and diplomats from nearly two hundred countries gathered to form an agreement on a better solution in combating global warming and a better plan to stop climate change. More and more countries have realized the importance of protecting the planet from human emissions; more and more countries have recognized … Continue reading

Is Something Rotten Appropriate For School?

“God, I hate Shakespeare”, a claim that describes how most of the students are feeling when they are learning about Macbeth and Hamlet, was said by Nick Bottom, played by Griffin Arnold ’22. Something Rotten launched successfully on Friday, Nov 5, 2021, in Knight Fine Arts Center at Western Reserve Academy. The fall musical certainly … Continue reading

Has The Biden Presidency Already Been Condemned?

No Presidency is complete without its controversies. The Trump administration was arguably one of the most contentious in history. The Clinton presidency, too, suffered with impeachment. Nixon resigned before Congress had the chance. Even the Obama era was fraught with difficulties, with the Snowden Affair coming to mind. However, the Biden White House truly has … Continue reading

Why Android Is Better

In America, even here at Western Reserve Academy, an iPhone is supposedly the “proper” handheld mobile device. Any other type of phone is considered foreign and is frowned upon. I know a number of people who say, “iPhones are better than Android phones.” I think they are just annoyed because when they text an Android … Continue reading

The State of the Union: A Look Into The Economy

Anyone who has lived in the United States for the last few months has probably noticed the increase in gas prices, businesses closing early and the blatant supply chain issues. Around campus there have been numerous complaints along these issues ranging from gas prices being over three dollars and homecoming dresses taking over a month … Continue reading

Cultural Sensitivity: It Is Time We Address It

Liu? Lui? Louie? The correct way to pronounce my last name has always been a mystery for my peers. I always smile and correct them, and then we laugh about the way they butchered it and move on. I take no offense. The second tone is very hard for non-Chinese speakers, so I understand. What … Continue reading

 Basketball is “Objectively” More Fun Than Soccer

 I know this article is addressing a highly controversial topic considering it is currently soccer season, and I am a soccer player. However, I cannot hide the truth any longer. As much as I enjoy watching Cristiano Ronaldo score a goal or Lionel Messi surpass defenders, it is nothing compared to watching LeBron throw down … Continue reading