Comic by Gisa Karamaga ’22

– Gisa Karamaga ’22

 The World’s Water Crisis

 Water is widely known as the essence of life. The molecule itself is relatively simple, consisting of only two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom; however, its global implications are much more complex. Even primitive societies centered their civilizations around bodies of water, recognizing the importance of access. Therefore, modern society must question its regression … Continue reading

 Taliban Reestablishes Control in Afghanistan

 On April 14th, President Joe Biden announced the planned withdrawal of all US troops from Afghanistan by September 11, the 20th anniversary of the terror attack carried out by Al-Qaeda on the World Trade Center. What followed has contradicted intelligence services’ expectations across NATO nations, including those of the US and Britain as the Taliban … Continue reading

 German Residents Vote for New Leaders

 On September 26th, Germany is electing a new government. This will indirectly decide on the new chancellor of the country. Angela Merkel has been the German chancellor since November of 2005. Merkel’s party has won every 4-year election since 2005 as well, so this election is truly going to be a change for German politics and … Continue reading

 New ’Neers

 “Being a new student in the middle of my high school career scared me, not gonna lie. Everyone here at Reserve was super welcoming! It feels like I’ve been here the whole time even though it’s only been a month .” – Andrea Belen ’23  “I’m grateful to see so many new students this year … Continue reading

 New Year

 “When I enrolled I knew that classes were hard but what I didn’t know was how aggressive the athletics are. Although I’m a day student, I feel like I never see my family and am constantly at school. At this point, school can’t be my entire life when I’m spending 13 hours a day here.” … Continue reading

 Happy for Mr. Habat

 Mr. Habat is one of the newest additions to Western Reserve Academy’s coaching and athletic staff. He currently serves as Assistant Director of Athletics and Sports Performance. In addition to his office roles, he is also the Varsity Wrestling Coach. A graduate of Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, Habat is well qualified for his roles, having … Continue reading

Back to Campus: A Blessing or Curse?

The strongly anticipated return to in-school learning occurred on the 5th of January. COVID tests were administered in the preliminary days, and by the time the first day rolled around, everyone was locked and loaded for an outstanding kickoff to the second semester. When asked about the return to in-school learning, one student said, “It’s … Continue reading

Meeting the Candidates

2020 In-Person Highlights

2020 In-Person Highlights