CTIC Entrance

The new entrance to the Center for Technology, Innovation & Creativity, or CTIC, is sporting brand new furniture, a massive display of nine TV monitors and a bright abstract lighting display. Double glass doors lead from the entrance space to the CTIC itself, with a new, alluring centerpiece inside: the wall of lights. The wall … Continue reading

Karam Leads Music, Orchestra & Band

After a two year hiatus from Western Reserve Academy’s Orchestra, Margaret Karam ’79 is ready to return to teaching orchestra and band, as well as continuing to teach choir, serving as Afternoon Music advisor and directing the fall musical, Urinetown. Karam has been a part of the WRA community for as long as many can … Continue reading

Artist Spotlight: Harley Fisher

One of Western Reserve Academy’s most prominent artists is Harley Fisher ’19. When she was just twelve, her aunt and uncle introduced her to the animated film Howl’s Moving Castle by Hayao Miyazaki. This movie inspired her to start drawing; she loved the movie so much that she started drawing scenes from it. “Soon, I … Continue reading

Wu Performs “Mermaid’s Song”

On September 1 during morning meeting, Rain Wu ’20 performed a piece for the Western Reserve Academy community. The piece was “The Mermaid’s Song,” written by Austrian composer Joseph Haydn. Wu learned this song during her freshman year at WRA and enjoyed singing it. During her performance Wu sang in Bel Canto, a style of … Continue reading

Pods Debut, Students Adjust

In addition to new faculty, new classes, and a new schedule, Western Reserve Academy welcomes another new change in the community. The “Pods,” as they are colloquially known, are located above the stadium and house many of this year’s classes due to the ongoing renovation of Seymour Hall. While many enjoy the air conditioning, the … Continue reading

Ellsworth Hall Renovation: New Entrance, New Options

Western Reserve Academy’s hallowed grounds have recently witnessed the greatest renovation and transformation they have seen in recent memory. Machines cover the lawn’s wide sweep, while dirt, scaffolding and debris detract from its once radiant green. One of the many buildings that have undergone changes in the past year is Ellsworth Hall: both the site … Continue reading

Year Begins with a Bash

At the annual celebration for the start of the school year, Western Reserve Academy students had a lot of fun at the Back to School Bash. Organized by the Pioneer Women’s Association, the moms provided delicious snacks such as popcorn and homemade cups of lemonade. In front of Ellsworth Hall, students gathered together on the … Continue reading

Share a Bike Today

This school year is quite different from previous ones, with the Seymour renovation and the subsequent use of the Learning Centers, also known informally as the “pods.” Last year after the announcement of the implementation of the pods, one could hear complaints from multiple students about the distance they would need to walk between the … Continue reading

Camping Freshmen, All the Wiser

For most students, Camp Wise was a nice and pleasant experience, bonding many freshmen as well as faculty members together. Annually, this event lasts two nights and three days during preseason in an environment where students do not have to feel the pressure they will have once the school year begins. After interviewing many students … Continue reading

Welcome to the Reserve Record: Online Edition

Hello and welcome to the Reserve Record’s online edition! Like our print edition, this website is entirely student run. It has all our recent articles as well as photos and videos. The articles are uploaded in a big batch when each issue comes out (about once a month). Comments are on, but please be respectful; … Continue reading