2020 In-Person Highlights

2020 In-Person Highlights

“Across the Divide” Brings WRA Together

“Across the Divide” Brings WRA Together Claire Lovas ’22Contributing Writer This year’s fall dance performance “Across the Divide” was showcased over the weekend of October 17th at the Knight Fine Arts Center. The performance consisted of dances set to music from artists such as Noah Cyrus, Bruno Mars, Lauv, and Julia Michaels. Mrs.Velbeck, Director of … Continue reading

Compass Recap

Compass Recap Karthik Reddy ’21 Today, our world is run on extrinsic motivation, the act of doing something for a personal reward. As students currently in school, we work hard so we can attend the best college and in turn experience future financial and social success. Has intrinsic motivation become nonexistent in the classroom? Western … Continue reading

Start of Sports

Start of Sports Jimena Oliva ’22 One of the many staples of student life at Western Reserve Academy that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected is sporting events against other schools. The athletes went into the year not knowing whether they would even be allowed to compete. What purpose would their practices serve if there was … Continue reading

Homecoming: The Masquerade

Homecoming: The Masquerade Lauren Jacot ’22 The multi-colored lights illuminated the pines and the magical entrance to the dance. A table set up at the front displayed an array of masquerade masks and fashionable pieces for the students to accompany their outfits. The picturesque location allowed for fairy lights to be strung from the trees … Continue reading

The Good Lie

Students gathered on January 20th to commemorate MLK day by watching The Good Lie. The film was shown in several locations, including, but not limited to, the Chapel, Seymour and the library. After the movie was shown, an engaging discussion was held and facilitated by teachers and staff. The movie follows the story of sudanese … Continue reading

Obama Portraits Tour

In February 2018, Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery revealed its official portraits of former President Barack Obama and former First Lady Michelle Obama. The Obama Portraits were created by Kehinde Wiley and Amy Sherald. The portraits soon became iconic and have been getting unprecedented responses from the general public. Wiley and Sherald are the first African … Continue reading

The Night of Cultures, Cuisines, and Celebration

Reserve’s culture night is the annual celebration of our rich and diverse student body, hailing from 25 countries and 26 US states. This year, the celebration will take place on February 16, 2020 in the Murdough Athletic Center. The Reserve community will come together to learn from our peers about their heritage as they share … Continue reading

The Basketball Season

The boys’ basketball team is impossible to ignore this winter. From an influx of Dub Club emails to Weekly Reports jam packed with games, it’s likely that all of Western Reserve Academy is well informed. Further, the turnout at games has increased many times over, with students skipping study hours and arriving decked out in … Continue reading

Academy Award Nomination Highlights

The 2019-2020 film year saw some of the greatest releases of the 2010s even as the decade drew to a close. From a shockingly poignant dark comedy about a member of the Hitler Youth to a beautifully innovative interpretation of a classic novel, this year celebrated the visions of the artist like no other, and … Continue reading