The Gatsby Homecoming: A Roaring Success

On October 21st, Western Reserve Academy hosted “The Great Gatsby Homecoming,” the first school dance of the year. The event was a chance to escape the stress and rigor of WRA, where new students were able to experience the culture of WRA for the first time and returning students got to experience once again. The … Continue reading

Students Participate in No Shave November

As of November 1st, you may have seen some students on campus with a more robust arrangement of facial hair than what you are normally accustomed to. This year, Western Reserve Academy’s Student Council is holding a fundraising event in support of the No-Shave November movement, and many students have taken on the mission to … Continue reading

Senior Space Now Open for Seniors!

As last school year came to a close and the student body learned more about the details of the changes to come for this year, one element stood out in particular for this year’s seniors, then juniors: the loss of the WRAp. The WRAp, for freshmen and all new students (or anyone who never bothered … Continue reading

Bike Safety Concerns on Campus

The headline for this article was originally “Bike Safety on Campus” but has been changed to differentiate it from an article on the Opinion page with the same headline. As students and faculty members are being forced to walk farther between classes, the demand for an easier mode of transportation becomes greater. Bikes have quickly … Continue reading

Recovering Addict Speaks to Upperclassmen

Drug addiction has become a serious problem and topic for discussion, but nobody truly understands the problem as much as someone who has experienced these problems at firsthand. Western Reserve Academy had the honor to hear from John, a recovering heroine addict. This was great learning experience for the juniors and seniors, as we heard … Continue reading

Borrmann Hosts Cider Press

Dr. Ralf Borrmann, a beloved teacher on his 23rd year at WRA, is taking over the Reserve Cider Press from the departed Mr. Peterson. Four year ago, Mr. Peterson revived the practice with the help of the Pioneer women’s association and the Dad’s Club in the hopes to get students more involved in Environmental Initiative. … Continue reading

Pods Debut, Students Adjust

In addition to new faculty, new classes, and a new schedule, Western Reserve Academy welcomes another new change in the community. The “Pods,” as they are colloquially known, are located above the stadium and house many of this year’s classes due to the ongoing renovation of Seymour Hall. While many enjoy the air conditioning, the … Continue reading

Ellsworth Hall Renovation: New Entrance, New Options

Western Reserve Academy’s hallowed grounds have recently witnessed the greatest renovation and transformation they have seen in recent memory. Machines cover the lawn’s wide sweep, while dirt, scaffolding and debris detract from its once radiant green. One of the many buildings that have undergone changes in the past year is Ellsworth Hall: both the site … Continue reading

Year Begins with a Bash

At the annual celebration for the start of the school year, Western Reserve Academy students had a lot of fun at the Back to School Bash. Organized by the Pioneer Women’s Association, the moms provided delicious snacks such as popcorn and homemade cups of lemonade. In front of Ellsworth Hall, students gathered together on the … Continue reading

Share a Bike Today

This school year is quite different from previous ones, with the Seymour renovation and the subsequent use of the Learning Centers, also known informally as the “pods.” Last year after the announcement of the implementation of the pods, one could hear complaints from multiple students about the distance they would need to walk between the … Continue reading