Mrs. Buck Begins Her Term

After a long national search for the new head of the school, Western Reserve Academy welcomed Mrs. Suzanne Walker Buck to its community. With her energetic speech given last year, many students, being impressed, have selected her and looked forward to having her in school. Students remembered Mrs. Buck vividly through her speech last year … Continue reading

Seymour Reopens in a New Century

As the members of the Western Reserve Academy community have no doubt noticed, we have left the Learning Community, or “pods,” of last year. Yes, although the long walks, the classes in the cold, paper-thin walls and erratic air conditioning provided by the pods will doubtless be missed, construction has been completed on the renovations … Continue reading

A New Year Brings Many Changes to Reserve

During the past year, Western Reserve Academy welcomed a lot of new changes to the campus. One of the most obvious visible differences is that the beloved Learning Community (more commonly known as the pods, the temporary academic residence for the 2017-2018 school year) next to the tennis courts have become a parking lot once … Continue reading

Back to School Bash Brings Bliss

On Saturday August 25, Western Reserve Academy students were treated to the spectacular Back to School Bash (also known as BTSB) put together by The Pioneer Women’s Association on the patio of Ellsworth Hall. The BTSB is an annual mixer event that not only welcomes everyone back to school, but also gets everyone together in … Continue reading

A Wild West Bicknell Bonanza: Cowboys in Winter

As a highlight of a busy and rainy week, students had the opportunity to enjoy the Bicknell Bonanza on the night of February 21st in the MAC. After several cold rainy days, a TEAMS competition and the Junior Writing Exam, the Bicknell Bonanza was a wonderful way to cool down. The MAC was full of … Continue reading

Lunar Festival Welcomes Year of the Dog

On February 17, Mandarin Club hosted the annual Lunar New Year Concert. The concert celebrated the turn of the year for the lunar calendar. The lunar calendar is based on the moon’s phases, as opposed to the solar calendar that most of us are used to. Each year corresponds to an animal of the Chinese … Continue reading

Students Struggle with Absence of Snow Days

On Friday January 5, 2018, the student body awoke to below zero temperatures. The night before, an email had been sent out informing students that school would still be held the next day, despite the weather. Another email then arrived: no Morning Meeting, and shuttles would be available to minimize treks between buildings. Anyone who … Continue reading

Morgan Leaders Surprise with Snowball Dance

As all WRA students know, the return from winter break has been off to a chaotic start. We jumped, unflinching, back into the hectic schedule of classes and sports, the walk to the Pods has gotten icier and icier, and many students have been looking for a way to relieve the stress of getting back … Continue reading

Holiday Concerts Bring Cheer to Campus

  The Western Reserve Academy Choir and Orchestra have had a busy couple of months practicing and performing the newly reinstated Messiah Sing and the annual Vespers concert. Messiah Sing, formerly a beloved school tradition, made a re-appearance this year. As the name suggests, Messiah Sing is a concert where an orchestra plays the first … Continue reading

Who’s In Town? Urinetown!


Urinetown: The Musical is a hilarious satirical comedy filled with greed, corruption and relationships. The compelling plot stems around a town deep in a drought with catastrophic water shortages. Officer Lockstock, played by Harley Fisher ’19, is an omniscient, 4th-wall breaking cop who guides the audience through Urinetown, introducing the backgrounds of both poor and … Continue reading

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