Back to School Bash Brims with Excitement

 Returning to school holds many traditions for the students of Western Reserve Academy, such as the Back to School Bash, which is an annual party to welcome the start of the new school year. Organized by Parents@WRA, the event holds extra significance to both students and staff as it introduces new community members. This year, … Continue reading

New COVID Protocols Shift Campus Ambience

 In March of 2020, as the world began to shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many Western Reserve Academy students would never have assumed that they would still be experiencing the effects of this virus nearly one and a half years later. As technologies and efforts to suppress the spread of COVID-19 have evolved, … Continue reading

Schedule Change

 Western Reserve Academy students returned to campus on August 16th to start the 2021-2022 school year. Coming off a year affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, there have been many changes on campus, including another schedule alteration.  These changes have resulted in another year of puzzled students navigating the lawn’s wide sweep while searching for their … Continue reading

Back to Campus: A Blessing or Curse?

The strongly anticipated return to in-school learning occurred on the 5th of January. COVID tests were administered in the preliminary days, and by the time the first day rolled around, everyone was locked and loaded for an outstanding kickoff to the second semester. When asked about the return to in-school learning, one student said, “It’s … Continue reading

Entertainment Returns: The WRAp

Western Reserve Academy’s premier late-night talk show, the WRAp, held its first show of the year on the 15th of January. Due to complications from the pandemic, the WRAp was forced to premier an entirely pre-recorded show for the first time in its 2 year history. When questioned about the advantages of the new medium … Continue reading

Ghost Walk is a Spooky Success

Ghost Walk is a Spooky Success  David King ’22Contributing Writer  Boo!… Did I scare you? Halloween was a night like no other at Western Reserve Academy. The moon was bright and blue. The costumes were out. Candy was accounted for. However, what really took the spotlight was the Service Leader’s first-ever Ghost Walk. This innovative, … Continue reading

“Across the Divide” Brings WRA Together

“Across the Divide” Brings WRA Together Claire Lovas ’22Contributing Writer This year’s fall dance performance “Across the Divide” was showcased over the weekend of October 17th at the Knight Fine Arts Center. The performance consisted of dances set to music from artists such as Noah Cyrus, Bruno Mars, Lauv, and Julia Michaels. Mrs.Velbeck, Director of … Continue reading

Dorm Cleanliness Competition

Dorm Cleanliness Competition Lydia Park ’21Editor In Mid-September, Mrs. Buck announced a Dorm Room Cleanliness Competition during Morning Meeting. In the midst of the pandemic, the school has been stressing sanitization to ensure minimal spread of germs. Mrs. Buck and Dr. Kent decided to inspect the dorms and choose the cleanest dorm during Study Hours. … Continue reading

Compass Recap

Compass Recap Karthik Reddy ’21 Today, our world is run on extrinsic motivation, the act of doing something for a personal reward. As students currently in school, we work hard so we can attend the best college and in turn experience future financial and social success. Has intrinsic motivation become nonexistent in the classroom? Western … Continue reading

Start of Sports

Start of Sports Jimena Oliva ’22 One of the many staples of student life at Western Reserve Academy that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected is sporting events against other schools. The athletes went into the year not knowing whether they would even be allowed to compete. What purpose would their practices serve if there was … Continue reading