Compass Expo: Exposing Students’ Passions

HUDSON, 2022–Students gradually pooled into the MAC, scurrying between various tables with the quest of collecting blue tickets, as five tickets resulted in bubble tea, ice cream, and newfound knowledge of their peers’ interests. Western Reserve Academy strives to provide students with various opportunities to enhance their educational experience. One of these programs, uniquely offered … Continue reading

The 2022 Class Olympics: Forming a Lasting Tradition

MURDOUGH ATHLETICS CENTER––On a beautiful Saturday evening April 23rd, Western Reserve Academy’s student body took part in the second annual class olympics–a battle of the grades centered around a series of competitive events that test each class’s spirit, strength, and willpower. Hosted by none other than Reserve staff member and basketball coach Joe Scott, the … Continue reading

Waring Prize Recipient Lillian Kuri Wants Students to Care

WESTERN RESERVE ACADEMY–– In the backroom of Ellsworth Dining Hall sits a table adorned with flowers, sandwiches and chocolate beignets. Sequestered away from students, the room’s light wooden paneling isolates Ms. Kuri’s stimulating conversation with Waring Prize Committee members regarding their time at Western Reserve Academy, current professions and philanthropy. At Morning Meeting on Friday, … Continue reading

Dancing and Movies Combine for a Stellar Performance

This year’s winter dance performance, A Night at the Movies, was one for the books. As the theme suggests, each dance number included songs from familiar movies — both old and new. Audience members got to revisit the amazing stories from some of the greatest films of all time, performed by the members of the … Continue reading

Vespers Illuminates the Community

The Chapel goes dark as small candles slowly illuminate the central pews. To most, this phenomenon may seem obscure, but to a Western Reserve Academy community member, the candles signify the annual Vespers performance.  The arrival of the holiday season brings many valued traditions at WRA: Toys for Tots, Candy Cane Sales and most notably, … Continue reading

NASA Researcher Inspires

On Monday, November 15, Dr. Dionne Hernandez-Lugo came to Western Reserve Academy’s campus to speak at Morning Meeting about her work at NASA’s Glenn Research Center. Dr. Hernandez-Lugo was born and raised in Puerto Rico and has always harbored a deep passion for science. She left her home country for a fellowship with NASA as … Continue reading

Student Body President Elections

HUDSON, OH – A flood of green and white fills the pews as students slowly slide into their respective seats, the first few rows left empty in remembrance of the senior class. Deep footsteps and indistinguishable voices echo from floor to the balcony to ceiling as students and faculty wait restlessly for the commencement of … Continue reading

Students Parade Halloween Spirit

Trailing into the Chapel, students stumbled through the aisle to their designated seats, ready for another Morning Meeting. The Palladian window embraced the Northeast Ohio morning sun, illuminating Western Reserve Academy’s spiritual heart; but, rather than general announcements which routinely conclude Morning Meeting, students witnessed a procession of a life-size Pac-Man and his accompanying ghosts … Continue reading

Behind the Curtain: Something Rotten

Long metal tables line the narrow hallway that lies behind the double doors left of the Knights Fine Arts Center auditorium. One holds an array of treats from chips to chocolate and tea bags to cough drops. Brown paper covers other tables with outlines for every prop’s proper place. Cast and crew shuffle past each … Continue reading

Casino Night Homecoming Deals Fond Memories

On the evening of October 23rd, Western Reserve Academy kicked off its annual homecoming dance. This year’s theme was “Casino Night.” The dance was preceded by many other traditions, including the hilarious homecoming video, which was shown at Morning Meeting a few weeks before. Spirit Week, another preceding tradition, included Monochrome Monday, Tropical Tuesday, “On … Continue reading