Nightcrawler and Materialistic Society

In a society that values constant social adversity, materialistic wealth and hierarchical disputes, those who utilize surreptitious means will always rise to the top. Dan Gilroy’s 2014 thriller Nightcrawler very often and blatantly criticizes local news sources for their willingness to throw any morals out the window in return for a hit segment, no matter … Continue reading

Giving Tuesday Gives Back

Disclaimer: “The Eggplant” is a satirical, fictional column written by the staff of the Reserve Record. November 30th marked Western Reserve Academy’s “Giving Tuesday”. On this day, the school flooded its Instagram account and all mildly affiliated accounts with posts and stories urging the community to donate. In a recent move of innovation, the WRA … Continue reading

“The Game”: A Report

The matchup that is regarded as “The Game” has been dominated by Ohio State in recent memory as Michigan hasn’t defeated Ohio State since 2011. This game is a huge reason why recruits commit to either one of these schools; it’s frankly the best rivalry in college football and players want to be a part … Continue reading

Is She Really All That?

Recently, social media personality Addison Rae made headlines by starring in the remake of the 1999 Robert Iscove film She’s All That which featured a jock who tries to turn a “loser” into the prom queen for a bet. In this new remake, He’s All That, the genders of these roles are reversed. Addison plays … Continue reading

Comic by Gisa Karamaga ’22

– Gisa Karamaga ’22

Jacob’s November Crossword

ACROSS 1 _ like fine wine 5 To fail to hit 9 Sky drops 11 To shove out of the way 13 Startled or concerned 16 Turn indicators 18 Units of measurement equal to 2000 pounds 19 To pencil in 21 Perennial plant with an elon-gated hard stem 22 & 23 pertaining to or resembling … Continue reading

Comic by Gisa Karamaga ’22

– Gisa Karamaga ’22

Haunted Halloween Crossword

ACROSS 2. Male counterpart to maam 4. Hardened skin 7. Green light 9. Flour and lumber types 10. Common Catholic abbreviation 12. Plant with fronds 13. One thousandth of an inch 14. Take a ___ at it 16. Numerical info 17. Wander without purpose 19. To be, present tense 20. Number, abbreviated 22. Common greeting … Continue reading

The Most Glamorous Met Gala

Often regarded as the fashion event of the year, the Met Gala has become an American tradition since its opening in 1948. This year a special version of the Met Gala was held on September 13th. Although traditionally held on the first Monday of May, the COVID-19 pandemic forced a rescheduling of the event. The … Continue reading

Squid Game Review

What would happen if you found 456 people in crippling debt and put them in a series of children’s games for a chance to pay off their debt? You get an internet-breaking Netflix show. Squid Game tackles the depths of humanity: how far are people willing to go for money? Squid Game, named after a … Continue reading