Senior Day Students Work To Raise Driving Age

Disclaimer: “The Eggplant” is a satirical, fictional column written by the staff of the Reserve Record.  Perhaps one of the biggest annoyances that upperclassmen day students, especially seniors, have had to face thus far in the year is the lack of parking at the Murdough Athletic Center. Even those who have been showing up hours … Continue reading

 Blizzard to Rename McCree

 Over the past few weeks, some major discourse has been directed toward Blizzard Entertainment surrounding a case of sexual harassment that made the workplace environment uncomfortable and unsafe for women. One of the men who was fired from Blizzard Entertainment was named Jesse McCree. Those who play Blizzard’s FPS shooter, Overwatch, are seeing a major … Continue reading

 Back to School Crossword

 ACROSS  3 The stomach of a cow 6 Abhorred 7 A portion of a literary work 9 Light, abbreviated 10 Look at and understand 12 Violent public disorder 14 The seven ___ 17 Airport path 19 Lead utensil 20 Fall behind 21 Ink utensil 22 Rising ___ 23 Native American tribe from New York 25 … Continue reading

Your Weekly Horoscope

Your Weekly Horoscope Capricorn (12/22-1/19): Don’t succumb to self-deprecation today during class. Continue to think positive and good fortune shall come your way. Aquarius (1/20-2/18): Venturing off the beaten path will yield unexpected results for you. Pisces (2/19-3/20): Following your heart rather than your mind will lead you well. Aries (3/21-4/19): Pay attention to what … Continue reading

Mrs. Buck Enrolls as a PG

Mr. Buck Enrolls as a PG-Grace Grapes   The 2019-2020 school year brought with it a host of new additions to the WRA faculty, one of the most memorable being Mrs. Suzzane Walker Buck, the new Head of School. Mrs. Buck and her administration instituted many new changes, pushing for more options that would hopefully … Continue reading

Students Who Don’t Care—Where Are They Now?

Students Who Don’t Care—Where Are They Now?-Queen Quince They were made famous by their announcement at the WRAP (the premiere late-night talk show here at Western Reserve Academy), but where are they now? WRA’s newest club, Students Who Don’t Care, opened with a bang – and a pie to the face of Carter Frato-Sweeney ’22. … Continue reading

Top 10 Napping Spots on Campus

Top 10 Napping Spots on Campus-Kitty Kiwi 10. MAC concessions. Honestly not the best place to take a nap because of how many people walk past and how loud the MAC usually is, but we work with what we’ve got. 9. Ellsworth dining hall. Also not ideal, but it would be nice if you have … Continue reading


Horoscopes-Crystal Coconut Aries: Watch out– the MAC will no longer be open before classes. The future looks dark for your gains. Leo: The stars have aligned, your classmates will no longer get mad at you for letting juniors in the senior space. Sagittarius: Bad luck befalls you. You definitely used “get” twice in that Warner … Continue reading

Mrs. Skinner Begins Rapping to Educate the Student Body

Mrs. Skinner Begins Rapping to Educate the Student Body-Micky Mozzarella In the past few school years at Western Reserve Academy, the student body has been put through more music-related trauma than necessary. Without naming names, let’s just say that musicals and music videos have shed their fair share of negative light. The students of Reserve … Continue reading

Students Take New Precautions amid Fire Alarm Concerns

Students Take New Precautions amid Fire Alarm Concerns-Sasha Starfruit This year at WRA has been fraught with changes and challenges faced by faculty and students alike. From the new administration to a complete revamping of Seymour to the coronavirus epidemic, life in the WRA community has transformed into an emotional (and physical when observing some … Continue reading