Senior Day Students Work To Raise Driving Age

Disclaimer: “The Eggplant” is a satirical, fictional column written by the staff of the Reserve Record.  Perhaps one of the biggest annoyances that upperclassmen day students, especially seniors, have had to face thus far in the year is the lack of parking at the Murdough Athletic Center. Even those who have been showing up hours … Continue reading

Listen to Your Elders, Kids

With the start of a new year, the class of 2021 looks ahead to new adventures and opportunities. As college decisions come in and the cloud of uncertainty slowly fades away, the class of 2021 rejoices in their past 4 years at Western Reserve Academy (or maybe 3, since most of the essential members enrolled … Continue reading

WRA Thanks Athletic Teams for Herd Immunity Against COVID

WRA Thanks Athletic Teams for Herd Immunity Against COVID Sword Bagel ’21Editor In a shocking turn of events, the WRA administration has praised the Reserve sports teams for their exposure to COVID-19, citing that it has created “herd immunity” among students. In a statement made late last Saturday, Mrs. Buck remarked: “COVID-19 has been a … Continue reading

“Infection Tag” With COVID Causes Outbreak

“Infection Tag” With COVID Causes Outbreak Jelly Clown ’21Editor-in-Chief Many students are shocked that their choice to break into a nursing home to contract COVID-19 and play tag led to their suspension (and immediate quarantine). A few unnamed students decided they would get infected in the nursing home and play a game of tag where … Continue reading

WRA Told to Just “Give Up”

WRA Told to Just “Give Up” Sword Bagel ’21Editor Western Reserve Academy’s expectations for its first guest speaker of the 2020-2021 school year were quite high, but questions were raised during and after the assembly about the words of wisdom given to students. Karen Karenson ’94 is a noted alumnus of WRA for her work … Continue reading

Students Secretly Injected With Caffinated Vaccines

Students Secretly Injected With Caffinated Vaccines Banana Shah ’22Managing Editor With the recent developments of the COVID-19 vaccine, different companies have taken varying approaches to the prevention of contracting the virus. While these vaccines may differ by effectiveness or number of shots, Western Reserve Academy took its own spin by adding caffeine. Since teachers have … Continue reading

Kent Kicks Off Fedora Fashion

Kent Kicks Off Fedora Fashion Mango Marie ’22Managing Editor You know him. You love him. And you definitely recognize the crown jewel of his signature outfit perched atop his head. Dr. Kent’s fedoras easily rank as some of the most unique and tasteful fashion choices on campus. However, recently, when a student inquired as to … Continue reading

Chapel Joyfully Repainted and Renovated

Chapel Joyfully Repainted and Renovated Cavendish Goo ’24Web Editor In the week leading up to exams and spring break for students at Western Reserve Academy, many in the community began to notice the bustling activity in and around the historic chapel that has become an icon of WRA, most notably the “organ transplant” that occurred … Continue reading

Mandatory Afternoon Art Boosts Creativity

Mandatory Afternoon Art Boosts Creativity Corny Cantaloupe ’21Editor After a series of meetings and consideration of faculty and student feedback, the board of trustees and Mrs. Buck have decided to make a mandatory sport for all incoming underclassmen. The painful lack of creativity in all aspects of Western Reserve Academy’s residential, academic, and athletic life … Continue reading

Divine “Art” Randomly Appears on Campus

Divine “Art” Randomly Appears on Campus Mango Marie ’22Managing Editor Those involved in the arts at Western Reserve Academy would like to think of their second home as a haven for artistic expression. The musicals and dramas draw large crowds and showcase talented young students, the dance program consists of a large portion of the … Continue reading