Athlete Spotlight: Roy Bae (Eggplant)

It’s a bird. It’s a plane. No. It’s Roy Bae. A man of action, a man of character. As a star and captain of WRA’s premier conditioning squad, Roy has shown himself to be worthy of the highest praise. His constant enthusiasm for WRA athletics and the sports requirement alike is abundant. Earlier this month, … Continue reading

Choir Angered by Celebrity “Imagine” Video (Eggplant)

Chances are, if you’ve been online during self-isolation, you’ve seen this now-infamous video. On March 20, Gal Gadot, of Wonder Woman acclaim, teamed up with celebrities throughout the world to create a film of them singing the John Lennon classic Imagine, and all the different parts of the quarantine internet world have not forgotten about … Continue reading

Student Body Co-Presidential Primaries (Eggplant)

The primary season is well underway for the 2020-21 school year here at Western Reserve Academy, and the candidates for student body co-president are working hard. Wood House, the first-in-the-school caucus, held its primary in early February. Individual suites served as caucusing locations for Wood House residents. There were two rounds of voting. Candidates who … Continue reading

Sports Requirement Expanded to Include a Mandatory Season of Esports for all Students (Eggplant)

The Athletic Department announced two weeks ago that Western Reserve Academy’s sports requirement would be expanded to include a mandatory season of Esports for all students. “Video games are becoming part and parcel of daily life,” Mr. Haller explained, “so it is imperative that every student acquires some gaming knowledge before they graduate.” This new … Continue reading

Mrs. Buck is PG (Eggplant)

The 2019-2020 school year brought with it a host of new additions to the WRA faculty, one of the most memorable being Mrs. Suzzane Walker Buck, the new Head of School. Mrs. Buck and her administration headed many new changes to the school, pushing for more options that would hopefully give the students and faculty … Continue reading

Ding Ma ’20 Moves to the President’s House after the New Food Ordering Policy (Eggplant)

“Like twice a day,” Ding Ma ’20 responded when asked about the amount of times he orders food every month. From a simple cheese pizza from Papa Johns to sublime Szechuan seafood from Noble House, Ding knows every restaurant around campus. Ding even remarked, “Have you tried Canes? I know it’s far away from campus, … Continue reading

Mr. Gerber Raises Tuition by $10,000 to Support Community Minecraft Server (Eggplant)

Last week, Mr. Gerber sent out an email stating that he will raise the tuition of every student by $10,000 to support a new campus-wide Minecraft server. “In keeping with Mrs. Buck’s commitment to joy,” Mr. Gerber said, “the Technology Department would like to provide every student with the opportunity to unwind by playing Minecraft … Continue reading

Brandt Aker Decides to PG Again (Eggplant)

With the introduction of the coronavirus into American society, hordes of students are suffering. This illness not only takes lives, but it is also stealing the most anticipated part of high school from the class of 2020. Their senior slide is more like a slanted chair, prom is nonexistent and graduation is rescheduled to the … Continue reading

Goodbye Underclassmen (Eggplant)

It’s been a long time coming. Underclassmen at Western Reserve Academy have been the metaphorical “thorn in our side” since August when the class of 2020 took to the lawns wide sweep as seniors. It’s time for them to go. From freshman like Sammy Grossman ‘23 to juniors like Mikey “Large Michael” Mylott ‘21, none … Continue reading

Students Who Don’t Care – where are they now? (Eggplant)

They were made famous by their announcement at the WRAP (the premiere late-night talk show here at Western Reserve Academy), but where are they now? WRA’s newest club, Students Who Don’t Care, opened with a bang – and a pie to the face of Carter Frato-Sweeney ’22. But it’s been over a month since then, … Continue reading

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