Feminine vs Feminism

Society dictates that my shoulders distract my male peers, catcalls should flatter me and when I am referred to so-and-so’s girlfriend, I should be proud. The nuances of daily life reveal that I, alongside other women, are passive creatures—dolls to be dressed up, trophies to be admired and bodies to be owned. As a teenage … Continue reading

A Reflection on Mr. Closen’s Time

December 3rd, 2021—Brand Closen sits in Ellsworth Hall hunched over his sandwich wearing a vintage black lacrosse jacket alongside his advisees as he discusses the possibility of scheduling a hockey game against long-time rivals Hudson Explorers. Mr. Closen immediately shifts the conversation about a particular alumnus that was visiting Western Reserve Academy that day though … Continue reading

Debunking a Myth: The Importance of Myths

Perhaps the number one phrase people tell me is that I have to live in the real world. ‘Live in the real world’… that should sound exciting, but we lend it a rather dismal connotation. The real world is what you can see and touch, and this form of existence has everything to do with … Continue reading

Arête: The Peak of Mankind

According to geologists, arête can be defined as “a sharp mountain range”. On the other hand, philosophers believe it is “excellence of any kind.” While experts in geology and philosophy study vastly different topics, they can both agree that arête distinguishes the pinnacle from the mundane. Specifically, as it pertains to presocratic philosophers, arête defined … Continue reading

My Religious (Or Lack Thereof) Experience

When I was in eighth grade, I went to church every Sunday. Now, Sunday is just like every other day of the week. Before I was fourteen, I had never stepped into a church, as I had never even considered the possibility of the existence of any higher power; I was a science and facts … Continue reading

Larger Population Causes Hectic Student Life

The staff of the dining hall wander around, leisurely cleaning tables, or joke around while preparing food. Between the ‘A’ lunch period and the ‘B’ lunch period, there is a span of about 20 minutes where very few students come through the dining hall. These split lunch periods are the result of Western Reserve Academy … Continue reading

Combating Online Trolling

Do you have an account on social media? If so, then you have most likely seen cyberbullying in action. Cyberbullying is the use of electronic communication to bully a person, typically by sending messages of an intimidating or threatening nature. It is becoming more prevalent as the use of social media increases significantly. Many of … Continue reading

I Quit! America’s “Great Resignation”

Within the last year, millions of Americans have decided to switch jobs or even quit the labor force entirely. The rapid increase in resignations have taken the United States by storm, and our everyday lives are feeling the consequences. The thoughtfully named “Great Resignation” has affected the lives of virtually every American, including our lives … Continue reading

What Does Basic Even Mean?

When someone calls you basic it stings. It is not just a small sting either, it is that long painful one that sticks with you for a while, causing you to question whether you possess any originality. But honestly is the label, basic, even a bad one? We all follow trends whether they be from … Continue reading

Undefeated Golf Team

Hudson – At 4 pm on brisk fall afternoons, most sports teams at Western Reserve Academy begin practice on campus. For the golf team, however, that time looks different. At 4 pm on weekdays, members of the golf team find themselves on the first tee box at Lake Forest Country Club, looking down the fairway … Continue reading