Nataupsky Navigates Naviance

Jillian Nataupsky is one of the many new faculty members here at Western Reserve Academy, and is the latest addition to the college counseling committee. Originally from Northeastern Pennsylvania, she previously worked at Mercersburg Academy before coming to WRA. Nataupsky is also the Dorm Head of Ellsworth 2nd, a position she explained she “loves.” But … Continue reading

Welcome Back, Velbeck

Katie Velbeck has been a part of the Western Reserve Academy dance program for years, serving as interim dance instructor during Emily Barth’s maternity leaves. Last year, Velbeck choreographed “Leaving On a Jet Plane” for the Fall Dance Performance. This year, Velbeck will collaborate with Barth in the WRA dance program, and they are currently … Continue reading

Stoked About Stokes

Denis Tyler Stokes comes from North Carolina and Clemson University. He is “excited about the sense of community” and the “welcoming environment” of WRA. He enjoys Sour Patch Kids and Jennifer Aniston, his favorite candy and celebrity crush. “The mix of sour and sweet that it brings to your mouth… I can’t explain it.” A … Continue reading

Fox is Fitting In

Elizabeth Fox joined the Western Reserve Academy community and will be working in the Athletics Department. Fox attended Brandeis University for one year and Newbury College for three years. Fox was a two sport athlete during her time at Newbury, captaining the women’s soccer team and playing on the softball team. Last year, Fox worked … Continue reading

Top O’ the Morning, O’Sullivan

Conor O’Sullivan originally comes from Sutton, Massachusetts, and is a new English teacher at Western Reserve Academy. After graduating from Amherst College, O’Sullivan received his masters from the University of Chicago. O’Sullivan then went on to obtain his ABD from the University of California, Los Angeles. He learned about WRA from a friend who teaches … Continue reading

Welcoming Wheeler

Brandi Wheeler is Western Reserve Academy’s newest Director of the Academic Center, previously known as the Academic Enrichment Center. She also supervises study hall, coordinates the peer tutoring SPAR and coaches both the JV Girls Tennis and Quiz Bowl teams. Originally hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, Wheeler has nearly twenty years of teaching experience, ranging from … Continue reading

Lopez Loves Languages

Julianne Lopez is originally from New York but grew up primarily in Eastern Pennsylvania near Philadelphia. She attended Blackburn College for her Bachelor’s Degree, Monterey Institute for International Studies and the University of New Hampshire for graduate school. She will be joining the Modern and Classical Language Department at Western Reserve Academy to teach both … Continue reading

Borneman Begins

Andrew Borneman is a new member of the English Department here at Western Reserve Academy. He grew up in Cincinnati, OH where he attended high school with Member of Mathematics Department Katie Bonomo. At WRA, Borneman will be teaching three sections of junior American English and a senior English elective post-colonial literature. After nine years … Continue reading

Gieske Got Mad Math Game

Hardy Gieske joins Western Reserve Academy as Chair of the Mathematics Department and as a teacher of the 21, 33 and 51 levels of math. Gieske, who is originally from Maryland, had previously worked at Lawrenceville School in New Jersey. In addition to his work in the classroom, Gieske will coach both soccer and tennis. … Continue reading

Senior Trip to Caterham

Each summer, a group of selected rising senior students receive the opportunity to travel to England where they attend classes and learn about English culture at our sister school, Caterham. The students attend classes with their hosts with whom they also stay for the week. “My fondest memory about traveling to England was being hosted … Continue reading