Lunchtime Orchestra

 Lunchtime Orchestra  Khushi Chawda ’21Editor  The lunchtime orchestra took place on October 15 to inaugurate the beautiful white tent in front of Hayden Hall, near the Loomis Observatory. Ms. Karam and her students put on a delightful midday performance that helped relieve some stress of Western Reserve Academy faculty, staff and students. Parents were also … Continue reading

Trunk or Treat Treats Students Well

 Trunk or Treat Treats Students Well  Khushi Chawda ’21Editor  This Halloween, instead of the usual mixer, the activities director Mrs. Anzaldi came up with a COVID-safe schoolwide Trunk or Treat competition where individual dorms and day student groups decorated trunks of cars using their creativity and a stipend to buy decorations. The Bucks also participated … Continue reading

Parents Month Topples the Weekend

 Elie Aoun ’21Editor-in-Chief  The age of COVID-19 has forced many events to change, and Western Reserve Academy’s cherished Parents Weekend tradition was not spared. This year, Parents Weekend was transformed into Parents Month and held online for almost all of October. WRA parents had the opportunity to peer into the many aspects of student life … Continue reading

Option B Students Return

 Option B Students Return  Shin Lee ’22Web Editor  Starting this module, some of the students that chose option B are returning to campus for in-person classes. They have spent their first module learning online and have returned to campus safely for a new experience. Some of them have taken detours and significant efforts to get … Continue reading

Athlete Spotlight: Alexandra Bayliss

 Athlete Spotlight: Alexandra Bayliss  Angela Benzigar ’22Contributing Writer Western Reserve Academy hosts a wide range of athletic programs suitable for students at various levels while also providing an opportunity for athletes to shine! Leading the cross country team through another successful season this year is captain Alexandra Bayliss ’21, the athlete of the month!  Alex … Continue reading

Academic Spotlight: Hunter Amos

Academic Spotlight: Hunter Amos  Elie Aoun ’21Editor-in-Chief Hunter Amos ’21 is not only one of the student body co-presidents, but also an extraordinary figure in the academic community of Western Reserve Academy. The students in Ms. Horgan’s CL United States History class last year had to choose between creating an academic paper, website or documentary … Continue reading

Breaking News: WRA Goes Online

 Breaking News: WRA Goes Online  Isabella Folio ’22Managing Editor No one can claim to be ignorant of the coronavirus any longer; it impacts everyone. Near the beginning of 2020, Western Reserve Academy students were suddenly forced online. Though the school originally planned distance learning to last two weeks, the hiatus was quickly extended until students … Continue reading

“Across the Divide” Brings WRA Together

“Across the Divide” Brings WRA Together Claire Lovas ’22Contributing Writer This year’s fall dance performance “Across the Divide” was showcased over the weekend of October 17th at the Knight Fine Arts Center. The performance consisted of dances set to music from artists such as Noah Cyrus, Bruno Mars, Lauv, and Julia Michaels. Mrs.Velbeck, Director of … Continue reading

WRA Club Expo – 55 Clubs and Counting

WRA Club Expo – 55 Clubs and Counting “I loved Club Expo this year! It was a lot of fun getting to know about the clubs, and it was also a great way to socialize with my friends.” ~ Annie Nguyen ’23 “I thought Club Expo was really interesting, especially with the insane growth in … Continue reading

Dorm Cleanliness Competition

Dorm Cleanliness Competition Lydia Park ’21Editor In Mid-September, Mrs. Buck announced a Dorm Room Cleanliness Competition during Morning Meeting. In the midst of the pandemic, the school has been stressing sanitization to ensure minimal spread of germs. Mrs. Buck and Dr. Kent decided to inspect the dorms and choose the cleanest dorm during Study Hours. … Continue reading