Oughta Love Ott

Tiffany Ott is a new math teacher at Western Reserve Academy. Ott heard about the school through social media, communicating with a current WRA math teacher through Twitter. She was then invited to take a tour of the school. Ott states ”I was able to visit several teachers’ classrooms and enjoyed seeing the learning happening … Continue reading

Parliman Pops Up at the Academy

Emily Parliman is the a new Associate Director of College Counseling here at Western Reserve Academy. As a college counselor, Parliman helps juniors figure out what is important to them in a college, which colleges to consider, when to take the SAT/ACT, etc. She help seniors with their essays and applications and making sure they … Continue reading

Salutations, Shriver

Jordan Shriver, originally from Ohio, has returned to Midwest after working as a college admissions officer in Colorado to become the Associate Director of Admission and Coordinator of International Admission in the Admissions Office. He choose Western Reserve Academy because he loves working closely with students as well as the benefit of living closer to … Continue reading

Spano Starts Anew

Western Reserve Academy recently completed the Campaign for Excellence and Access Project with the re-opening of Seymour Hall. In addition to the newly renovated campus, there has also been an arrival of new faculty around campus, one of whom is Jill Spano, a new biology teacher. Spano grew up in Ohio, moved away for college … Continue reading

Jenni Beihn Joins Reserve

Jenni Biehn is the new Director of Enrollment Management in the Admissions Office. She notes how she loves that her job incorporates analytical skill to influence financial aid, and interpersonal skills, working with families who “recognize the value of education and are willing to make significant sacrifices in order to give their child that opportunity.” … Continue reading

Psyched to See Schultz

Maria Schultz is a new Spanish teacher at Western Reserve Academy. Her career path started off as a corporate attorney in Puerto Rico, which involved cases for corporate real estate companies and several political campaigns. In 2010, Schultz and her son, Francisco Blanco ’18, moved to Ohio from Puerto Rico, Francisco then went to Old … Continue reading

Weinzierl Winds Up Back at WRA

This new school year Western Reserve Academy gained multiple new faculty members, one of them being Michael Weinzierl ’11. Michael is familiar with the school as he is a WRA alum, but this year he is joining the school as an intern. After graduating from the WRA, Weinzierl came to the realization of its massive … Continue reading

Lee Morin in Space

Lee Morin, a graduate of Western Reserve Academy in 1970, was an astronaut in 1996. From Newham Sure, this retired US navy captain flew aboard the STS-110 in 2002, and completed a startling two spacewalks. This WRA graduate holds multiple degrees such as a Doctorate in Medicine and Microbiology. Currently, he is assigned to the … Continue reading

Gallivanting in Guatemala

This summer, three Western Reserve Academy students, Ellie Frato-Sweeney ’20, Timothy Zamarro ’20, and Emerson McReynolds ’19, traveled with Julianna Lopez, chair of the Modern and Classical Languages department, to Guatemala to engage in community service, studying abroad, and exploring the nation. Flying out from Cleveland on May 28th, all three students worked in the … Continue reading

Heidelberg Science Trip

From July 22nd to August 18th, Tano Nguyen ’19, Hanley Jefferis ’19, and Tim Chen ’19 traveled to Heidelberg, Germany in order to study high-level science with other high school students from around the world. Each student had an opportunity to intensely pursue subjects in advanced science that intrigued them by the end of the … Continue reading

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