Don’t Miss A Midsummer Night’s Dream

As the Western Reserve Academy school year comes to a close, so does the 2021-2022 performing arts season. WRA’s previous concerts, musicals, and plays have been nothing short of extraordinary, thanks to the true dedication and passion shown by the performing arts department. This upcoming weekend, the comedic A Midsummer Night’s Dream will return to … Continue reading

Artist Spotlight: Erika Chagin

 Artist Spotlight: Erika Chagin  Jin Lee ’22Contributing Writer  The piano in the Chapel is used for two reasons: playing the Alma Mater or playing a piece that is worth sharing. The latter is often done by Erika Chagin ’21, one of Western Reserve Academy’s most talented pianists!  Erika has been playing piano since the age … Continue reading

Artist Spotlight: Jillian Reef

Artist Spotlight: Jillian Reef Angela Benzigar ’22 You may know her from the many dance performances, her wonderful singing, or her multiple roles in Western Reserve Academy’s productions. Meet the artist of the month, Jill Reef ’21! Jill has been interested in performing ever since she can remember. “Legend has it that I was singing … Continue reading

Environmental Art Class with Mr. Buck

Art is one major tool a number of people use to represent their ideas, and these ideas include environmental ideas. Beginning this year, Mr. Buck has offered students a half-semester course called Environmental Art. Environmental Art not only focuses on artistic aspects, but also brings attention to environmental issues through artwork. There are many art … Continue reading

Camille Wheeler – Artist of the Month

Meet Camille Wheeler ’21, the artist of the month! You may know her from Western Reserve Academy’s Quizbowl Team. Some of her other hobbies include playing tennis and softball, reading books and learning about history. One of her talents that stands out is her ability to create amazing artwork. Wheeler doesn’t restrict herself to one … Continue reading

War Zone

The crying of orphans// ribs punctuating with gnawing sobs// fingers clenching around what doesn’t detonate// eyes ghosting over a mother’s soft form turned perpendicular// ears reverberating the sound of that last shrieking peal// feet running, running, destination: unknown// away from here// eyes not tearing away// body forming a pillar of pained salt// crying –Jasmine Wheeler … Continue reading


Midnight madness marks you a starving man, Ever longing for the starry composition of a soda Or the kaleidoscope of sugar that greets your tired eyes. Here stands the messiah to your mind’s mutiny, Hand holding up a haggard face, worn by the fumes, You’d meet them at the end of worlds, those gallant gas … Continue reading

Russian Oligarchs as Art Patrons

For a while now, wealthy Russian oligarchs have been collecting art. Perhaps the earliest Russian oligarch who was an avid art patron was Empress Catherine the Great. She became Empress of Russia in the late twentieth century and collected thousands of art pieces and commissioned numerous others. The next time Russian oligarchs became prominent art … Continue reading

Banksy: Hack or Genius?

In 2018, a painting was sold at Sotheby’s auction. As soon as the sale was official, the painting began to move; as viewers looked on in shock, the painting’s frame shredded the artwork and left a pile of scraps on the floor. Who was responsible for this bold stunt? Well, no one really knows. The … Continue reading

Artist Spotlight: Nini Wong

Meet Nini Wong ’20, the featured artist! Some things you may not know about her is that she was once in show choir and plays the piano. She also enjoys wearing black because it’s a blank and versatile canvas. As for her art, Wong specializes in ink drawings along with linoleum and screen painting. Wong … Continue reading