North Korean Missile Launch

In early October 2019, North Korea confirmed that it had test-fired a new ballistic missile. This missile, which can be launched from a submarine, can carry a nuclear weapon. This new submarine capability gives North Korea the power to launch missiles from outside of their borders. This poses a great threat to countries that are … Continue reading

The Minecraft Resurgence

Earlier this year, Minecraft overtook Tetris in number of games sold, becoming the best selling video game in history with 176,000,000 copies sold worldwide. Everyone has heard of Minecraft, and almost every young person has either seen or played the game at one point. Minecraft’s hegemony in the gaming industry and the broader culture is … Continue reading

Trump Impeachment Inquiry Launched

On September 24, 2019, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi announced that President Donald Trump would be the focus of a formal impeachment inquiry in light of recent allegations that he has abused his power by pushing other world leaders for his own gain. This is an important event in the ongoing movement to impeach … Continue reading

Turkish Offensive Against the Kurds

Earlier this October, American forces withdrew from Syria, which was followed by an offensive into the northern region of the country by Turkey. The offensive targets the People’s Protection Units (YGP), a Kurdish led militia alliance. Turkey’s government views the former U.S. ally as a terrorist organization. They believe the group to be an extension … Continue reading


Midnight madness marks you a starving man, Ever longing for the starry composition of a soda Or the kaleidoscope of sugar that greets your tired eyes. Here stands the messiah to your mind’s mutiny, Hand holding up a haggard face, worn by the fumes, You’d meet them at the end of worlds, those gallant gas … Continue reading

College Application Bootcamp

On the morning of Saturday, October 19th, seniors and Post-Graduates at Western Reserve Academy attended a College Application Boot Camp. Held in the Ong Library from 9am to 11:30am, this required session gave students the opportunity to work on their college applications and receive feedback on their applications from industry professionals. Along with WRA’s Thomas … Continue reading

Environmental Art

This year, Western Reserve Academy started a brand-new art course called environmental art. The new art class is offered as a half year (half credit) course to sophomores, juniors, seniors, and PGs here at WRA. In this class, students use natural materials to create their own “art” anywhere around the campus. From leaves to rocks, … Continue reading

Visiting Author

On October 21st, the WRA community had the opportunity to hear from exciting guest speaker Stephen Markley, author of the award-winning debut novel Ohio. The lauded writer initiated his visit with a conversation at breakfast with faculty, followed by a fascinating lecture delivered during Morning Meeting. During his talk, Markley discussed his various struggles of … Continue reading

Seniors Rule

Do you remember the back-to-school tradition that occurs regularly during the first few months of every year? When the seniors launch water balloons out of Hobart’s windows onto unsuspecting freshman as they walk by, heads buried in campus maps and class schedules? Or how sometimes just for fun, the seniors throw the freshmen into the … Continue reading

Discussion of Suicide and in-depth Description of Suicidal Actions (TW)

This summer, I was one of several Reserve students who had the incredible opportunity of visiting Pine Ridge, South Dakota – a Native American reservation for the Oglala Lakota community. On the second day of our week of cultural exploration and service, we listened to a speaker named Inila Wakan, who is the founder of … Continue reading