Senior Privileges are in Bloom; Here’s What You Need To Know

Senior privileges have arrived. Standing in the Riflery Room during Common Academic Time, Mr. Jackson, Dean for Class of 2022, announced a collection of guidelines as seniors move one step closer to graduation. Much credit goes to the senior class officers, Jimena Oliva and Jin Lee, for achieving the long-awaited parietal. 

All students should take notice because this will one day be them waiting to be able to spend more time with friends before embarking on college. 

Senior privileges go into effect immediately. 

Rolled out all at once, the privileges include: one 10 pm check in on weekdays, 10:45 pm on Fridays, open Green Key on weekdays, open senior space and open door visitation. Open door visitation—previously called parietals—governs visitation of opposite genders in dorms.

The Student Life Office (SLO) was quick to note that they can withhold some or all privileges from a specific senior or the entire group, if these students don’t use them wisely. They also reminded seniors that academic and leadership commitments remain first, such as prefect duty nights and supervised study hall. 

The hours for Open Door Visitation are Monday through Thursday 8 pm to 10 pm, Friday 8:45 pm to 10 pm and Saturday 9:15 pm to 11 pm. This timing ensures that an adult is on duty in the dorm in case a resident hosts a student of another gender in their dorm. 

Students must receive permission from the person on duty before inviting their guest. The resident asks the duty person—they don’t tell them about the guest. When asking someone for permission, one has to be ready for them to say no and respect it. When visiting another dorm, one is encouraged to say hello and talk to the person on duty. 

To encourage smart decision making, the guidelines only permit one guest per dorm resident. Everyone must remain visible in the room. There will be no blankets to cover people or body parts, doors must open to at least 90 degrees, lights are on and everyone remains visible from the doorway. The ‘two feet on the floor rule’ is encouraged. 

Mr Jackson says, “We (SLO) have prefects and adults doing rounds in the dorm, and on weekends we have the Administrator On Duty (AOD) doing rounds.”

Mr. Jackson ended by telling students to continue to make good decisions, such as to “stay in dress code on Reserve Green Days… we really love to see you in blazers.” 

Finally, and most importantly, he added, “be that kid that I hear good things about.”

-Laila Hensley-Edelman ’22

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