Longstreth Relay

The crowd roared with excitement as runners neared the finish line and cheered when Dr. Chaput announced the winners. Athletes warmed up on the sideline while enjoying the fresh spring air, and even as emotions ran high between the athletes, no respect was lost as the runners shook hands after the intense races.

On a Wednesday afternoon at Western Reserve Academy, the annual Longstretch Relay was underway as people traveled from near and far to watch athletes from a variety of different schools compete in track and field events. This year contained more sentiment than usual as it was the first time since 2019 the event was being held, and WRA Alum David Hunter was in attendance because of the mile event named in honor of him.

The comradery between WRA teammates became very apparent during the meet. After taking first in the girls 4×200 meter relay, Jordanne Nichols ’23 pointed out, “we motivate each other” when discussing her teammates. She added that her “favorite part is celebrating after the race.”

Kiski Prep also showed great teamwork during the race. After placing second in the mile run, Luke Waltrip of Kiski explained that “the more excitement I get when I am running, the better I do.” 

After earning his silver medal, Waltrip’s teammates and coaches surrounded him, feeding the runner the excitement he needed to succeed. 

The day did not finish without a bit of drama. WRA runner Elias Vail ’25 threw a peace sign at Kiski runner Galande Okeugo right before crossing the finish line and taking first in the boys 800 sprint medley. Right after the race, Galande said that “[Elias] is a good runner,” but there was “a little bit of disrespect at the end.” Elias admitted that he “was feeling like Tyreek Hill in the moment,” but he also showed remorse and admitted that “it was an immature move, for sure.”

Later in the day, both runners shook hands and put the situation behind them. Mutual respect was shown and the tense situation was extinguished.

On a positive note, standout WRA runner Mikyla Hau-Golden impressed, taking first place in the girls 100 meter dash. After setting a personal record with a time of 12.56 seconds, she said the feeling was “CRAZY!” and “I did not know I was going that fast.” Next up for Mikyla is to run at nationals where she has a chance to turn heads once again.

Overall, the day was a success for WRA. Not only did many of the WRA runners shine with outstanding times, but fans finally got to see the team out in force and taking on the competition once again.

Runners, coaches and fans will all be anxious and excited for next year’s annual race where the WRA team will once again have the chance to showcase their impressive talent.

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