Winds of Change: A Main Street Boutique

Authentic clothing displayed in storefront of Winds of Change

Winds of Change is a unique and eccentric boutique in downtown Hudson. It is located near the Learned Owl and Oriental Rugs. As one of the only boutiques in downtown Hudson, it is unlike any clothing store I have visited. Winds of Change also has a unique business model, and after talking with an employee there, I learned that a lot of their jewelry and clothing comes from local artists and companies. This means they carry a lot of sustainable style options that support small businesses.

Even though their styles change with the seasons, from flowy pastel-colored dresses in the summer to darker-colored pants and skirts in the fall and winter, they carry consistent themes and styles. They offer a wide variety of options from more basic pieces like flannel button-downs, to hot pink woven skirts or maroon sequin dresses. Winds of Change does not only carry stylish clothes but also has jewelry, candles, home decor and even dog coats! As boutiques often are, Winds of Change can get to be a little bit on the pricey side. The higher quality products that are offered there make up for it, though. For example when I visited the store, I bought a pair of jeans on sale that were half off, for only 30 dollars. This price for a boutique, or even a department store, is very reasonable. In addition to the price, these are also some of the most comfortable jeans I have worn. But, at the same time, some of their prices can be a bit outrageous. For example, there are some floral dresses in the store priced at $400. The pricier items are often one of a kind and unique to things you would see elsewhere. They were some of the most impressive dresses I have seen.

On top of their excellent selection and wide range in prices, the employees are incredibly nice. They are very willing to help you out and are obviously very knowledgeable about the products. I would definitely recommend Winds of Change and its products for anyone.

-Jenny Williams ’23

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