“The Game”: A Report

The matchup that is regarded as “The Game” has been dominated by Ohio State in recent memory as Michigan hasn’t defeated Ohio State since 2011. This game is a huge reason why recruits commit to either one of these schools; it’s frankly the best rivalry in college football and players want to be a part of it.

Tensions were high within the WRA community because there is a very loud and large Michigan Wolverines fan base here as well as for Ohio State.

In addition to the importance of this rivalry, this year both Michigan and Ohio State were ranked top 5 in the nation and were fighting for a college playoff spot.

Only 4 teams make the college football playoffs and a loss by either team would knock the other out of the playoff hunt.

The game started as a defensive battle, as do most Michigan – Ohio State games usually do. The halftime score was 14-13 Michigan. Both teams were doing a good job stopping the run which led to a large amount of punts.

The second half was a completely different story for Michigan. The Wolverines rushed for over 200 yards in the second half and Wolverines running back Hassan Haskins would end up totaling 169 rushing yards and 5 rushing touchdowns. Michigan as a team rushed for a buck under 300 rushing yards in the entire game.

Ohio State would move the ball down the field with their quarterback C.J Stroud, who had nearly 400 passing yards and 2 touchdowns. But, a couple 4th down stops by the Michigan defense would be pivotal to gaining separation and the Wolverines carried their momentum to win 42-27.

This win was so huge for Michigan fans that they did not really know what to feel.

I sat down with Ethan Audia ‘22, who was born in Michigan and has a lot of family ties in Michigan. Ethan is always wearing a Michigan beanie hat and said that “This is honestly the first time in my life that I’m old enough to know that we beat Ohio State. When I was talking to my family in Michigan they were talking about how the whole state seemed to have a little extra joy.” Those words by Michigan shows that “The Game” is much more than football; it affects a whole community.

I talked to CJ Randazzo ‘22, a man who’s lived in Ohio his whole life and said that “Props to Michigan for finally playing good football against us, but we’ll be back next year ready for revenge.” CJ’s words show that many people are already focusing on the game next year, showing the importance of “The Game.”

-Michael Fillipelli ’22

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