Learn About The Learned Owl

Learned Owl Bookshop in located on N. Main St.

The Learned Owl, a three-floor bookstore located in Downtown Hudson, is the perfect place to go if you are looking for a new book or a Christmas gift. With its wide variety of genres, ranging from fantasy to cookbooks, you can find any type of book you need. It is a welcoming and easily accessible spot for Western Reserve Academy students, who can find books, calendars, journals, card games and more.

Upon entering the store, you are greeted with the embrace of warm air after walking in from the cold, wintery weather. The soft, Christmas music and fresh smell of new books creates a calming sensation when browsing for a book of interest. The ambience makes me feel right at home. There are cushioned seats scattered around the store, allowing customers to read a few pages of a book, or even just to admire the many posters in the store. Riya Hegde ’25 agrees, “We’re lucky to have such a cozy bookstore right here in downtown Hudson, especially for people who enjoy reading as much as I do.”

The Learned Owl did not look the same when it was first founded. When it was opened in 1968 by Hudson resident, Jean Isabel, and her husband, Bob, it only consisted of a small portion of what it is today; the children and young adult sections were the entire size of the store at the time.

However, in the 1960s, Hudson resident Rosemary Burner Jones not only purchased the store, but she expanded it into both sides of the main floor, more than doubling its original size. The number of books that are able to be sold in the store has doubled as well and increases on a regular basis. In 1983, Liz Murphy and Elaine Ober purchased the shop followed by Kate Schlademan in 2013 after Liz’s retirement.

The employees at the store are both helpful and hardworking. They are constantly restocking bookshelves when necessary and helping customers as best they can. When asking for recommendations or a specific book, the employees are quick to help and satisfy their buyers. Their hospitality left a lasting impact on me, and I cannot help but compare it to other shops in the area. Isabella Haslinger-Johnson ’25 shares her experience with the employees, saying, “They are very friendly, attentive and willing to help customers.

The Learned Owl is a cozy, student-friendly bookstore with a variety of books and necessities. It has increased its size and stock since it was founded and continues to thrive as a local business. The store is a wonderful place to find the perfect book and is a business worth supporting.

-Claire Hua ’25

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