Honors Dance Takes on the Cleveland Cavaliers

Honors Dance class poses at Cav’s Game

On Saturday, November 13th, Western Reserve Academy’s Honors Dance Program performed at the Cleveland Cavaliers game against the Boston Celtics. The dancers were Daniel Li, David King, Jimena Oliva, Ryan Favaro, Claire Lovas, Kennedy Schmid, Rene Crocram, Trinity Refosco, Allison Eva, Isa Mester, Michelle O’Connor, Tanvi Shah, Rebecca Rubiano, Alex Newman, Ty Banks, NyAshia Gooden-Clarke, Gabrielle Hrivnak, Paige Dix and Sehar Mahesh. It was the first primetime show in the Quicken Loans Arena since 2019!

Our dancers showed true courage and talent by dancing in front of a large audience and the basketball players as well. They have definitely shown that they deserve to be members of Honors Dance and were able to set an example for others.

The dancers performed “A Little Party Never Killed Nobody” by Fergie, GoonRock and Q-Tip from the Great Gatsby. It was a sassy jazz number. The girls wore sparkly, black dresses and the boys wore black t-shirts and pants. They looked like a team out there. While it was required that they wear masks, but you could see their smiling faces right through the masks.

Ms. Velbeck put together a partner section where three couples: Alex and Ty, Trinity and Daniel, and Tanvi and Ryan, carried out a series of flips and spins. One of the dancers, NyAshia, had an impeccable turning sequence, which she absolutely nailed. It takes a lot of talent to turn like that. Another dancer, Sehar, completed multiple flips down the court. Her unique skill received much applause from the audience. Sehar’s performance was especially exceptional because she was the only freshman performing.

Our WRA students got to celebrate this amazing moment as well. Thanks to Mrs. Anzaldi and Ms. Velbeck, the game was a weekend activity. Around 75 students had the opportunity to go and support their classmates. The dancers could hear them on the court even though they were so high up.

The amazing night ended with a win for the Cavaliers! It was a tough game for them initially, being down 20 points at parts of the game. They pulled it off though, and the enthusiastic cheers of the crowd radiated such excitement. Overall, it was a great night filled with a lot of fun and new memories!

-Sehar Mahesh ’25

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