Heinen’s Has It All

Heinen’s Fine Foods, a staple for WRA boarders

Heinen’s Fine Foods, an Ohio-born market in downtown Hudson, is considered a staple for many Western Reserve Academy students. Their wide variety of fresh produce, baked goods, sushi, and popular snacks make it a convenient stop for grocery shopping.

The wide selection of meats available is very popular. They also support many diets such as keto, paleo, and plant based diets. As a WRA boarder, I am never surprised when I see a student heading to their dorm with Heinen’s plastic shopping bags to restock their empty snack stash or fridge. Located on 19 Clinton St, Heinen’s is a 10 minute walk from the WRA campus.

Heinen’s was founded in Cleveland, Ohio by Joe Heinen in 1949. The origin of this popular market was a small meat shop on Chagrin Boulevard. A little while later, Heinen opened his first supermarket across the street from his humble butcher shop. Little did he know how his business would take off. Our precious Heinen’s in Hudson opened its doors in 2005. Since then, it has been a busy spot for tourists and locals alike.

When I first walked into Heinen’s. I had no problem locating different products. Everything was labeled and organized in an efficient and well-working layout. Many people on Google Reviews and Yelp agree. Heinen’s has more than 4 stars on both of these programs. Many people mentioned the healthy, farmer’s market theme that’s portrayed both in the originality of the products and in the service.

Others communicated how delicious and organic the fresh fruits, vegetables and meats are.
The staff that work there are well-trained and are always eager to help. I’ve had many positive experiences with them. They always make conversation with me when I am checking out, and it makes my day.

Many of my fellow peers have recommended Heinen’s baked desserts. When I finally had a chance to go, I knew I had to see what they were all about. The selection of mouth-watering sweets was one of the biggest ones I have seen in a supermarket. I ended up settling on a fresh box of brownies for $7.49 and it was definitely a good choice!

The brownies were thick and fudgy and had big chocolate chunks in every bite. These brownies would definitely be less expensive at other supermarkets, but it is all about the quality of the product. The brownies at Heinen’s are made with better ingredients and are freshly baked and placed on display every day.

On the filming day we had back in September, Heinen’s was featured on the Hudson Mile. Four teams of two were chosen to compete for a special prize. These select groups were required to run around downtown Hudson and collect items from local gems. Each team bought a bouquet of beautiful flowers from Heinen’s. The entire student body was out there cheering their respective class team on!
Heinen’s is a great place for your weekly necessities. They have whatever you need, in many different varieties. They advocate for a healthy lifestyle, and you too can be part of the action! So next time you are hungry, make sure to stop at Heinen’s.

-Sehar Mahesh ’25

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