Candy Canes Sold to Support Toys for Tots

WRA Aid Toys for Tots for Children in America Through Selling Candy Canes!

Last week, from December 1st to the 3rd, members of REACH (Reserve Ethically Advancing Community Health) and other volunteers sold candy canes every period of the three days. Led by Mrs. Boesch, who took over the program last year, REACH was able to resume this tradition after an unfortunate pause in 2020 due to COVID-19. Candy cane sales have been a WRA tradition for over a decade, inviting friendly competition between classes and raising money for Toys for Tots.

Over 30 students volunteered their time for this cause, selling over 530 candy canes of ranging flavors from sour patch kids to chocolate mint and raising more than $500 for less fortunate kids. The majority of the proceeds will go toward Toys for Tots, a charity run by the Marine Corps that distributes toys to parents who can not afford to buy gifts for the holidays.

Since 1947, the charity has been bettering the Christmas season for kids all around the country and WRA has continued to be a contributor to the heart-warming cause. The rest of the proceeds will be donated to the International Institute of Akron to go toward providing refugee children with toys for the holidays as well. Our haunted house earlier this year also raised money for this organization and helped their efforts in providing goods for refugee families to start their own homes. WRA continues to show dedication to helping those in need, not only making WRA a great service to others but also making it more special with compassionate, driven young adults who will be the change they wish to see.

Our top donors this year were the class of ’22, who collectively bought 218 candy canes. Winning by a wide margin, a big congratulations to all the seniors who will receive a dress-down day as a reward. With the the winter months rolling in, the senior class were especially excited. The juniors followed with 140, the sophomores with 91 and the freshman with 87. It is safe to say that the event was a success, and it is quite promising to see so many of our students looking to help the community.

Thank you to everyone who volunteered and everyone who purchased a candy cane and know that you have helped make a child very happy. A big thank you to Mrs. Boesch as well, who has not only been in charge of organizing this but also sold candy canes during a period every day of the sales. Thank you to all that participated!

-Hannah McReynolds ’23

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