Athletic Spotlight: Nathan Phillips

Captain of Boys Varsity Swim, Nathan Phillips ’22

As the only senior captain of the Varsity Boys Swimming team, Nathan Phillips ’22 is truly a powerful figure on the team and at Western Reserve Academy. His leadership skills as captain are essential in providing support for his teammates. Nathan also received many accolades throughout his high school career for his achievements.
Swimming is an integral part of Nathan’s life, as he has competed for ten years. Throughout those ten years his proudest swim achievement was qualifying for the Summer Junior National Championships. This meet is a prerequisite for the Olympics, and qualifying required a very competitive time cut for his best events. Nathan believes that the sport has provided him with life-long friendships and important lessons that he will never forget.
At WRA, he cherishes the memories from the 2020 Easterns swim trip, especially hanging out on the bus ride with his teammates, ringing his first victory bell at WRA, and the opportunity to be named senior captain with Annie Cui ’22. One of his favorite career memories is winning all of his events at a New York championship meet when he was 13. Nathan is talented in various events and holds the title as the fastest swimmer in all of WRA’s history in the 200 Freestyle, 100 Backstroke, 200 Individual Medley and the 100 Butterfly.
“I love swimming because of the endless opportunities for growth and the ability to meet other people from all over,” says Nathan. Looking forward to the 2021-2022 season at WRA, he is excited about the new changes this year.
With Mr. and Mrs. Bonomo as the new coaches as well as many new swimmers, he believes that the team will have a lot of great performances ahead. Although this season will not be the longest, Nathan feels like he has made great progress so far and will hopefully continue to see positive results in late February.
After his extensive career at WRA and his swim club, LESD, it is no surprise that Nathan has committed to a top university with a very reputable Division 3 swim program, New York University. He plans to continue his swimming career at NYU and major in finance at NYU Stern.

-Annie Nguyen ’23

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