Trunk-or-Treat Tournament Turns Out Great!

Top: Cartwright’s Jurassic Trunk
Bottom: Seymour House’s Ed Sheeran Theme

Everyone loves Halloween—the crazy costumes, the scary shows and, of course, the mounds of candy received simply by knocking and yelling, “Trick-or-treat!” Last year, this well-loved tradition acquired a new package, so to speak: Trunk-or-Treat. In the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Student Life Office discovered a way to bring the annual Halloween fun to Western Reserve Academy by hosting an outdoors competition in which each dorm decorated the trunk of a vehicle, passing out candy in an attempt to earn a dress down day for the best trunk.

This year, trunk-or-treat found itself cemented as a tradition, and the dorms came out more intensely than ever in hopes of claiming the prize. Due to weather concerns, the trunks were moved inside to the dorm common rooms. Each residence hall devised their own theme: the Athenaeum chose a spider theme with brownies to top it off, Bicknell decorated its common room as a funhouse, Cartwright decked out their garage in true Jurassic-Park fashion, Cutler created a time-machine, Ellsworth 3rd took on a general, scary Halloween theme, Ellsworth 2nd based their setup on creepy clowns and the circus, Hobart hosted a spiderweb, Long House sported a common room covered in cobwebs and flashing lights, North Hall decorated their entryway with cobwebs and giant spiders, Seymour House supported its own walk-through haunted house and Ed Sheeran shrine, Wood House went for a more traditional Halloween appearance.

This year’s Trunk-or-Treat left students with the biggest treat of all: a fun time. However, for those who love competition and high stakes, the results of the best decorated dorm were announced at Morning Meeting on Monday, November 8th. An honorable mention was gifted to Wood House. Third place went to Ells 2nd for their absolutely killer clown decorations, and Seymour House claimed second place for a truly terrifying walk through their halls that could not have been accomplished with anything less than the whole dorm’s effort.

Ultimately, reigning champion Cartwright clinched the first place dress down prize. Their “Jurassic Trunk” display featured a dune-buggy, prefects dressed up in inflatable dinosaur suits and your very own tour through the Park! Cartwright senior prefect Lily Schultze ’22 expresses, “I’m really glad that the blow-up dinosaur costume brought our dorm the win for the second year in a row, and I am sorry to Mrs. Velbeck’s child for scaring her.”

This year’s Trunk-or-Treat was an ultimate success!

Isabella Folio ’22

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