Students Parade Halloween Spirit

Isabella Palmer ’22 dresses as Mr. Worldwide for Halloween

Trailing into the Chapel, students stumbled through the aisle to their designated seats, ready for another Morning Meeting. The Palladian window embraced the Northeast Ohio morning sun, illuminating Western Reserve Academy’s spiritual heart; but, rather than general announcements which routinely conclude Morning Meeting, students witnessed a procession of a life-size Pac-Man and his accompanying ghosts trotting down those same aisles — part of WRA’s most valued Halloween tradition.

As long as students can remember, the Halloween Parade has served as an integral Halloween tradition. “It’s for the community,” Miss Fritz, the face beneath Mrs. Pac-Man’s cardboard replica emphasized. During the initial planning stages, Mrs. Anzaldi ’13, Director of Student Activities, reminisced while anticipating this year’s costume spread: “This is an event that has been around since before I was a student.” Sign-ups were conducted via Google Poll, initially producing a “decent amount” of sign-ups. However, she noted that the initial sign-ups did not reflect the actual number of participants, speculating other students were inclined to join after seeing “that it wasn’t as scary to walk across the stage as they imagined it would be.”

Izzo Palmer ’22 — who flaunted her Pitbull or “Mr. Worldwide” costume to the student body — stated, “The Halloween parade was so exciting, and I really loved how the school came together as a community for Halloween.” This year’s Halloween Parade aimed to continue the school year’s theme of “rebuilding together” as announced during August’s orientation week. Mrs. Anzaldi—an alumnus herself—recognizes “these individual traditions still hang on across generations of students.”

David King ’22

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