Reserve Sports Network Success

Reserve Sports Network’s logo created by Kelly Janssen ’23

Weekday study hours in the Woodhouse common room are filled with the sounds of the boisterous underclassmen boys who inhabit this residential area. For Gunnar Gray ’22, Associate Director of Communications for Reserve Sports Network, these nights in Woodhouse are a prime time to prepare for the upcoming winter sports season.

In a filmed conversation available on the network’s social media page, Gray and the head coach of the boy’s prep basketball team, Coach Scott, talked about how the team has prepared for its loaded schedule of games, delivering information and news that Western Reserve Academy students would otherwise not receive. The program has seen a great deal of success this fall, leaving community members to wonder why the program was started and what it will look like going forward.

Landon Allis ’23, Director of Communications and Broadcasting, claims that the network was started as a result of the football team being discontinued indefinitely. Landon has had this idea for years, and Head of School Mrs. Buck was willing to listen to football players pitch alternate athletic options for the fall season. That is when Reserve Sports Network was proposed with the goal of promoting the school through athletics and giving boarding students’ parents live viewing options.

Michael Filippelli ’22, the Lead Color Commentator, said that the skills needed for him to become a broadcaster came naturally with his love for sports. Growing up watching professionals talk about gameplay gave him everything he needed to strive for this opportunity. Michael said that, in the future, the Reserve Sports Network wants to expand its technology for all sporting events to improve how games are delivered to students.

Mr. Adams-Wall, the faculty advisor of Reserve Sports Network, credited the student leaders of the program for their tenacity in building this program from the ground up. He notes that Landon had the idea, Mr. Gerber got all the necessary equipment and then from there it took off. Mr. Adams-Wall had no idea community members would show so much interest in the program, and he is hoping that Reserve Sports Network will become an afternoon sports option for all students.

On weekday nights, Woodhouse is a haven for hard working students. There, the members of the Reserve Sports Network will continue to work hard step-by-step to create a permanent athletic option for WRA students.

Gavin Liegl ’23

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