Reserve Sports (And Other Stuff) Network

The 2021-22 school year brought the addition of multiple new clubs at Western Reserve Academy. One that stands out above the rest is Reserve Sports Network (RSN), led by Landon Allis ’23. The group has covered athletic events from soccer games to field hockey matches to the bocce ball tournament. With such large success, RSN has decided to move beyond sports and cover all aspects of WRA life and culture.

“We’ve had a lot of fun talking about basketball and soccer, but I can confidently say that our detailed commentating on Kevin’s every move at lunch has been far superior to anything we’ve done in the past,” says RSN’s Associate Director of Communications, Gunnar Gray ’22. And there is so much more than watching dining hall attendants. With events like ‘Kelly Janssen Walks to Open Door for the Third Time Today,’ ‘Watch What Happens In Mr. O’Sullivan’s Shakespeare Class Live’ and ‘MuddCam’, the community has never been able to stay up to date easier. “For once in my career, students are actually paying attention to my class,” said English teacher Mr. O’Sullivan.

Not all students are on board with RSN’s new programming; many feel it invades their private space. “I woke up in the middle of the night recently and saw Michael Filippelli and David King saying they really loved my collection of hair products,” said Torr Sorenson ’24. The program they are referring to is fan-favorite ‘Window Gazing with King and Filippelli.’ Other students are convinced that Landon simply does not know what he is talking about, much like his understanding of the Fall Athletic programs.

With the network’s pivot away from solely athletic programming, leaders within the group knew they had to come up with a new name for the club. Allis knew there was one name that everyone would know and love. Going forward, Reserve Sports Network has decided to rebrand themselves as the WRAp.
As the WRAp returns in a new form, the leaders hope all members of the community tune in and show the support that they have shown in the past!

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