Nestle is Noteworthy

Unique Nestle Toll House Café in the heart of the city

Looking for a place to eat? In sunny downtown Hudson, nestled behind Open Door, is the Nestlé Toll House Café; a place for eating and drinking within walking distance of West-ern Reserve Academy. Located at 105 First Street, it is open from 10 AM to 6 PM every day. Pop in for a quick bite or cure your caffeine cravings with their wide selec-tion of cookies, and food. From the classics of chocolate chip to snickerdoodle cookies, they have got you covered. Do not have a sweet tooth? They also have wraps, paninis, and flatbreads. If that is not your cup of tea, try their smoothies or ice cream.

That is not all that they have, though. The Nestlé Toll House Café also sells cookie cakes. A variety of shapes and sizes are available with icing details on top. Need the cookie cake to say something specific? They can cus-tomize it for you, which is great for numerous celebrations! Going in, I had a hungry stomach. Once you walk in, the smell of cookies comes from every direction. I was greeted by a delightful cashier. I looked up at the vast number of options and ordered the Chicken Caesar Wrap first. They made it right in front of me! Upon unwrapping it, I noticed that the wrap was unbelievably fresh. Now, let me tell you, this wrap was delicious!

With my stomach satisfied and my curiosity piqued, I knew I just had to try more. I chose a frappuccino and a chocolate chip cookie. I was extremely satisfied with my decision. The cookies were fantastic and the coffee was delicious.

Now, on to who they are and why they’re here. Nestlé is the iconic brand of cookie dough you find in the refrigerated section of grocery stores. A rectangular yellow package that says “please bake” but nobody ever does. I don’t know about you, but I never knew that Nestlé had cafés. Apparently, they have over 90 bakeries in the United States alone! The first Nestlé Toll House Café opened in Texas, during the year 2000. It was a huge success that led to them popping up in Puerto Rico, Canada, the Middle East, all over the United States, and our very own downtown Hudson Ohio.

So come on down and enjoy a sweet treat at the Nestlé Toll House Café in downtown Hudson at least once. It is right behind Open Door and across from Heinen’s. I promise that you will not be disappointed in their products. Your enjoyment is guaranteed.

Lia Clark ’22

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